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House Rooster Versus Dog

House Rooster Versus Dog Brought to you by: WATTLE Adopt A Bird Network FIDO ROOSTERS KEEP THEMSELVES CLEAN Chickens don't require regular grooming sessions, like dogs do. Chickens groom themselves (referred to as preening). They also don't need baths (other than providing a place for them to dustbathe). A ROOSTER POSES LESS OF A HUMAN HEALTH RISK THAN A DOG CAUTION A rooster doesn't carry hundreds of different pathogenic bacteria in their mouth. A bite from a rooster won't disfigure you for life. Dogs cause more harmful zoonotic infections than chickens do. BIOHAZARD ROOSTERS WILL KEEP YOUR HOUSE FREE OF BUGS Unlike dogs, roosters enjoy eating bugs. They will constantly be on the lookout for bugs, so if you're one of those people who don't particularly like the creepy crawly critters, then you should get a rooster! ROOSTERS MAKE BETTER HOSTS Planning to have friends over your house? If you have a dog, you'll constantly have to deal with them wanting to jump on your guests, begging them for food, or barking at them for attention. A rooster won't do any of these things. ROOSTERS CAN BE THE BEST CUDDLE BUGS Some dogs may enjoy a cuddle every now and then, but not like a rooster does. Roosters love cuddling with their humans, and they are small enough to be fully covered or hugged. ROOSTERS HELP YOU WAKE UP No need to worry about setting an alarm clock to wake you up for work in the mornings, you're rooster will help alert you. No need to hit snooze either. They'll make sure to give you a few reminders until you rise. ROOSTERS COST LESS THAN DOGS Keeping a pet and taking good care of the animal can get very expensive. So budget-conscious animal lovers should be happy to learn that a rooster costs far less to own than a dog. ROOSTERS ARE JUST AS SMART AS DOGS Roosters know their names. They'll learn to come when you call them. Young chicks can even do math problems. Chickens recognize different people's faces, can learn tricks, and solve cognitive problems. ROOSTERS DON'T SLOBBER Did you want your arm covered in dog saliva? Well, with a rooster you don't need to worry about that. ROO ROOSTERS wON'T CHEW UP YOUR SHOES OR TEAR APART YOUR FURNITURE As puppies, and even often times as adults, dogs can get very destructive. Usually it's because their teething, or something it's just because that's what they like to do. Roosters will never do that. No need to worry about replacement costs for those fancy dress shoes or for a new couch. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WALK THEM Whenever a dog needs to go to the bathroom, you have to take them outside. This is needed several times a day, which can become a pain. It can also get expensive if you have to pay for a dog walker to come while you're at work. Chickens don't require this. A chicken will just go when they need to and they can even wear diapers! ROOSTER POOP IS EASIER TO CLEAN Chicken poop is far less disgusting to clean up after then dog poop. Not only is it a tenth the size, but it doesn't smell as bad. Also, roosters don't urinate. None of this matters either when your bird is wearing a diaper. Oh and roosters don't eat their own poop, like dogs do, who lick you in the mouth afterwards. ROOSTERS POSE BETTER FOR SELFIES Everybody loves getting photos with their pets. With a dog, sometimes this task can be difficult. Not to worry! All you need is a pet rooster, who are naturally photogenic and easier to take photos with! This infographic is dedicated to all the abandoned, unwanted, and poorly treated roosters worldwide. Please consider adopting a rooster from your local animal shelter or rescue as a house pet! Adopt A Bird Network

House Rooster Versus Dog

shared by kellymhubb on May 04
10+ Reasons why keeping a house rooster (a male chicken) as a pet is better than a keeping a dog.


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