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Horses and Infectious Disease

HORSES and INFECTIOUS O DISEASE AN INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY the HORSE 20 EQUINE INFECTIOUS DISEASES YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT: CONTAGIOUS DISEASE ROUTE OF DISEASE SPREAD BETWEEN HORSES? ANTHRAX Bacteria in soil/ environment BOTULISM Bacteria or toxins in soil/ environment CONTAGIOUS EQUINE METRITIS Breeding/ Semen Contaminated Equipment CORONAVIRUS Fecal Contamination EQUINE ENCEPHALOMYELITIS Biting Insects EQUINE HERPESVIRUS/ RHINOPNEUMONITIS Abortion Nasal or oral secretions products EQUINE INFECTIOUS ANEMIA Contaminated Equipment Biting Insects EQUINE INFLUENZA Nasal or oral secretions EQUINE PROTOZOAL MYELOENCEPHALITIS Opossum feces EQUINE VIRAL ARTERITIS Breeding/ Semen Nasal or oral secretions Across the placenta LYME DISEASE Ticks PIROPLASMOSIS Contaminated Ticks Equipment POTOMAC HORSE FEVER Aquatic insects RABIES Bites from infected animals Saliva RHODOCOCCUS EQUI Bacteria in soil/ environment ROTAVIRUS Fecal Contamination SALMONELLOSIS Fecal Contamination Contaminated Equipment STRANGLES Nasal or oral secretions Contaminated Equipment TETANUS Bacteria in soil/ environment VESICULAR STOMATITIS Contaminated Equipment Biting Insects WEST NILE VIRUS Biting Insects INFECTIOUS DISEASES CAN INFECT ANY HORSE, BUT THESE ARE THE MOST VULNERABLE: IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HORSES Animals under stress from shipping, strenuous exercise, other illness Animals with immune- compromising conditions (e.g., metabolic disease) UNVACCINATED HORSES YOUNG, UNPROTECTED FOALS HORSES THAT TRAVEL FREQUENTLY AND COMMINGLE WITH HORSES FROM OTHER STABLES ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET SICK. SPONSORED BY: th«HORSE KNEOGEN CORPORATION O D D D O)

Horses and Infectious Disease

shared by TheHorse on Sep 11
Learn about 20 important equine infectious diseases that could make your horse sick, how they are spread, and ways to prevent them in our easy-to-follow visual guide.






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