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Homemade cat food 101

HOMEMADE CAT FOOD 101 BENEFITS OF HOMEMADE CAT FOOD 1. All-natural 2. Pure protein 3. No extras Many manufacturers add soy and bean Homemade food for Manufacturers add cats has more plant-based oils, various grains and natural nutrients, products. Those components aren't equally good for vitamins, and seeds, and other minerals. questionable products that serve They are preserved in fresh products and digested quickly. all cats. as the source of carbs and fats. ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS IN A CAT'S DIET 1. Protein Before you start formulating the recipes when cooking for cats, you should find out how much protein your cat needs. It roughly depends on the life stage, but the average norm should be defined individually with a vet. As a rule, an adult cat needs about 12.5 grams of PROTEIN protein per day. 2. Fiber Fiber is important for ensuring healthy digestion and metabolism. When you define how to make cat food, figure out what will serve as the source of fiber. Some cats love eating vegetables, while others chew berries and fruits. Consult with a vet and find out which sources of fiber will be fermentable for a cat - you need to find the products that won't cause gas, diarrhea, constipation, and other adverse effects. 3. Fats and carbs Although fat leads to obesity, it's essential for absorbing vitamins and minerals. Besides, it's used to absorb fatty acids, which are important for reproduction, wound healing, and healthy skin and coat. Besides, fat and carbs both serve as the FAT source of energy. 4. Vitamins Here comes the most challenging part since it's hard to estimate the amount of vitamins in homemade food. Yet, you should be aware which vitamins are essential B. A for felines: - Vitamin A - Vitamin D - Vitamin E - Vitamin K - Vitamin B1, B6, B12 - Riboflavin and others. 5. Minerals Here is the list of minerals that should be present in cat's diet: - Calcium - Phosphorous - Magnesium Ca - Sodium - Iron K - Manganese - Selenium - lodine INGREDIENTS TO AVOID Soy Peas Corn Avocado Zucchini Cranberries Red apples Tomatoes Infographic created by CatPet.Club team as a part of Homemade Cat Food guide. Learn more by visiting You can share this infographic as long CatPet as you insert attribution (link) to source.

Homemade cat food 101

shared by larryheart on Dec 18
The most important feline nutrition facts for everyone who wants to cook cat food himself.


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