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Home Security

HOME SECURITY Take some small steps to improve your home security. CCTV CAMERA BURGLAR ALARM OUTDOOR LIGHTING EXTERNAL DOOR LOCK GRAVEL GATE HEDGE DELIVERIES BURGLAR ALARM EXTERN DOOR Alarms deter criminals as it shows A rim latch on its own isn't sufficient. Doors should that your home is protected. be at least 4.4cm thick with a deadlock installed. Types of alarm: BSI Kitemark • Recognised symbol of quality and safety Bells-only · Budget friendly · Activates alarm when sensor is tripped Types of lock: Monitored · Additional costs · A central centre notifies you Mortice lock • 5-lever mortice deadlock fitted within the door itself when alarm is tripped Police response • Notifies police Rim automatic deadlock • Fitted to the internal surface of a door Speech dialler • Budget friendly • Automatically calls you with notification Safety tips: • Use the peep hole to check who's at your door GATE • Keep door chain secured when opening to a stranger An automated gate can be the best option to secure your property. · Ensure all your other doors are locked Types of gates: Wooden gate • Cover the cross-member with • Ask for ID and verify it (either with the company's website or a phone call) a panel so there s no foothold · Ensure letterbox has an internal cover plate Wrought-iron gate • Ornamental framework can make climbing difficult OUTDOOR LIGHTING Safety tips: Weld hinges shut so that gate cannot be removed • Infrared detectors can act as a deterrent GRAVEL 2m · Place these at least 2m from the ground so they can't be tampered with · Acts as a deterrent as it can be noisy when stepped on* CCTV camera HEDGE • May require planning permission* • Should be no higher than 1.4m so your property isn't completely obscured* • Inform your neighbours If you plan to install one, in case of any objections 1.4m DELIVERIES • Cancel milk, newspapers or other *Tips also apply to rear of house deliveries if you're leaving the house unoccupied for an extended period of time FENCE SECURE SHED FENCE SHED These should be at least 2m high* Secure sheds with a padlock • A trellis can make it more • Open shackle: More versatile difficult to climb over • Prickly bushes nearby can • Closed shackle: Higher security act as a deterrent *Planning permission may be required for fences LIGHTS WINDOW INTERNAL DOORS COMPUTER VALUABLES KEYS WINDOWS COMPUTERS · Ensure locks meet the BSI standards (PAS24:2012 offers the highest standard of security) • Webcams can be used as a home security system with the right software • Key-operated window locks add extra security, especially on the ground floor • Install tracking software on your laptop/mobile in case they're ever stolen · Add secondary lock to any window INTERNAL DOORS that opens more than 60cm • Connect windows to the alarm system • Fit a security chain or bolt to prevent intruders getting further into your property if they do gain entry LIGHTS VALUABLES • Use a timer to switch on and off at varying intervals to make it look like someone is at home • Mark with your postcode and house number using UV pen • Register items on to make any thefts easy to track KEYS • Keep away from doors, locks, and open windows • Consider placing 'Secured by Design' warning labels on your valuables and around your property Sainsbury's Bank

Home Security

shared by Suzy on Apr 10
Interested in making your home safer and more secure? Our home security guide shows you the simple steps you can take to help deter intruders. Do you know about the different types of burglar alarms ...




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