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A History of Selective Breeding in Dogs

THE HISTORY OF SELECTIVE BREEDING IN DOGS Bulldog St Pug Highland Dane Great Bull Spaniel Tibetan Mastiffs Jack Terriers Chow Chow German Pariah C Wolf Tibetan Wolf Grey Collie Border Feral Herding Dogs Dingo Dogs Wolf Indian Aineric Hounds od Englias Deer Alaskon American Malamute American Dogs Afgan punoH Native Scent Hound Saluki Greyhound Borzoj What is Selective Breeding? Selective Breeding involves the intentional breeding of organisms with desirable traits in the attempt to produce offspring with similar, or even improved, desirable traits. It can also be used as a method to eliminate undesirable characteristics from a breed. How Selective Breeding Has Changed Dog Breeds? Years of selective breeding has led to the creation of over four hundred different breeds of dogs, all with their own distinct features and characteristics. Stemming from the wolf, dogs were the first of the species to become domesticated and have since seen many significant changes to their breed. Sources helpucover Terrier West Russell shepherd Grey Wolf Wok sheepdo Oriental Spaniels Europedn Husky Dogs Spitz Esk, Sight Hounds Alaskan

A History of Selective Breeding in Dogs

shared by helpucover on Jan 26
Dogs have long been described as man's best friend, but how exactly did we manage to take a big, vicious wolf and end up with a small, cuddly pug? We have identified how some of the most popular dog b...


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