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A History of Google Algorithm Updates

History of, Google Algorithm Updates Google Supplement Index Cassandra Boston First Publicly Announced Update display none; opa ty: 0.0; Google Tool Bar Apr Sept 2003 2003 Feb 2003 Sept Dec 2002 2000 Browser toolbar launches, providing easily accessible PageRank for the first time. PageRank dies an early death and some top pages are pushed back. Coined the term First major attack on link building scams, Cassandra says no to hidden text/links and Google increases storage to allow it "Google Dance', this significant update caused much to move less important results into a secondary fluctuation. building scams. index and prioritise inclusion of valuable pages in its search results. Brandy Florida Big Daddy Business Maps Personalised Search Feb 2004 Dec Nov 2005 2003 Oct Jun 2005 2005 Big under-the-bonnet changes of Merges map data Wide range of Vastly improved Al, giving it the ability to determine the context Started to refer to with Local Business users' search changes - Index size infastructure - new Centre, focusing histories in order to increase and crawl and index present them with more relevant search Keyword Analysis significantly refined through of web pages. more on local system. search. Focused more on results. broader meanings, Latent Semantic rather than Indexing (LSI). keywords. Panda Caffeine Universal Search Penguin In the news Pea Soup Digital press release uggest Update Pea Soup Digital Pea Soup Digital is a digital marketing company with a difference. His History of Google Feb Aug 2009 2011 May Apr 2007 2012 Aug 2008 Introduced to help Integrated news, video and images into main listings, Significant improvement of search result Google launched their "Over Optimisation Penalty", sites guilty of keyword stuffing and link schemes were to Major algorithm update affecting up define search queries, displaying a dropdown of possible searches as user typed. to 12% of search if relevant to a speed. “50% fresher index" results. Cracked user's search. down on thin content, content be significantly farms and other devalued. quality issues. Pigeon Hummingbird Pirate 2.0 Payday-Loan £££ Aug Jul 2013 2014 Jun 2013 Oct 2014 A search filter that targets "very Similar to caffeine, The Present Update on previous pirate update to Dramatically altered some local results core algorithm update that made spammy queries", combat software and modified how such as short-term changes to semantic searches and and digital media privacy. Caused dramatic drops in ranking to a rela- tively small group of they handle and interpret location cues, Claimed loans, accident claims and the knowledge graph. insurance sites. closer ties between local and core sites. algorithms. I II II II I II II

A History of Google Algorithm Updates

shared by lewiscook85 on Mar 03
As we’re feeling nostalgic, and as it can help search marketers explain changes in rankings and organic traffic, we've put our fantastic design skills to good use in a visual depiction of Google’s...



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