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Hip Tips for Traveling With Pets

Hip Tips for Traveling With Pets A vacation just isn't a vacation without your favorite furry friend. A little pre-planning can make a world of difference when it comes to hitting the roads, rails, or skies with your pet. WHAT TO PACK FOR YOUR PET Secure, Pet food and well-ventilated water; food and crate or carrier water bowls Collar and leash Favorite toys and bedding Home and travel ID tags Litter pan for cats; training pads and waste bags for dogs VET Pet health certificate, medications, and your vet's contact info Grooming items, nontoxic pet sunscreen International travel forms from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service *For international travel only BEFORE YOU GO Make sure your carrier is big enough for your pet to stand up, lie down, and DORRIS CANFIELD 512-842-4900 turn around Exercise dogs at comfortably in least 15 minutes before departure Label the carrier; include the phone Familiarize your number of the person traveling with the pet pet with its carrier Cut your pet's nails so they Current photo of your pet taped to the outside of the won't catch in the carrier carrier for visual ID ON THE RAILS Avoid sedating your pet Don't allow your pet to travel in cargo during the summer The cargo area might not have air conditioning Sedation unbalances an animal and can increase the risk of heart and respiratory problems Hipтip While some operators do not charge passengers extra for pets, some may require an additional ticket for large-size pets. Ask before you reserve your ticket. Check to make Ask about sure the train crate rules and allows pets breaks along the route ON THE ROAD Don't leave pets in the car while Ask your vet for Calm nerves medication for with toys, treats, fresh air, and dining out or during stops cases of severe carsickness rest stops Take frequent stops to get your Use pet-restraint systems (harnesses, car pet air, water, and exercise; Take short rides in advance to get your pet acclimated to pack bowls on top of bags for easy accessibility seats, etc.) the car IN THE AIR Don't feed your pet for four to six hours before Freeze water and place in carrier so your pet can stay hydrated during the flight departure Call the airline in advance to ensure all flight details for you and your pet are correct Some flights require a 48-hour notice if you're traveling with a dog and confirmed Hiртiр If you absolutely can't bring your dog with you, you can secure the services of a dog sitter through Don't allow your pet to travel in airline cargo during the summer Some airlines impose heat embargoes during the summer months Pets in the Cabin: Carriers and Costs 00 The FAA considers pet containers to be carry-on Average travel restrictions baggage and subject to rules which include: state that animals must: Being small enough to fit under Being properly stowed the entire time the airplane is in the air and during takeoff and landing Be at least 8 weeks old the seat and weigh no more than 25 pounds* *Note: These figures are averages and are not inclusive of every airline's policies. Check with your airline for specific age and weight restrictions. Before lifting off with your pet pals, review some of the airline costs if you plan to take your pet into the cabin. PET TRAVEL PRICE CHART (INTERNATIONAL / IN-CABIN TRAVEL) $ CAD (Destination Dependent) $200 From/to USA, EUR, USD or CAD (Depending on Departure Country) $150 $75 for Brazil; $200 CAD, EUR, USD, Depending on Departure Country CAD, EUR, USD, Depending on Destination and Departure Country $100 Intercontinental $50 Intercontinental. $100 USD/CAD to Europe (includes CHF 88 customs fee for flights to Switzerland); 70e from Europe to USA; CHF 90 $0 from Switzerland to USA Air Air American Delta KLM Lufthansa Open SAS Swiss U.S. Canada France Airlines Skies Airways PET TRAVEL PRICE CHART (DOMESTIC / IN-CABIN TRAVEL) $200 $35 (inter-island); $175 (leaving Hawall to North America); Depends $125 (reservation); $199 (walk-up) can't arrive in Hawaii on fare with in-cabin pet $150 North America $100 $50 $0 Frontier Hawaiian JetBlue Southwest Spirit Alaska Allegiant American American Eagle / American Delta. Sun United U.S. Virgin Country Air America Connection The Costs for Checked Baggage / Cargo Travel PRICE RANGE (EACH WAY) $ 80 to According to the International Air $ 400 Transport Association (IATA), travel kennels for pets must: THIS END Have live Contain clip-on UP animals and this food and water end up stickers trays t LIVE t ANIMALS Be big enough for Feature exterior ID tag with pet's your pet to stand up, lie down, name, your name, flight itinerary, contact turn around comfortably information MR. PURRKINS LAX PHL Foght eUS425 HARVEY JONES Have multiple 858-346-643o ventilation areas пии ии шT Sizing up Your Carriers Animals with "pushed-in" faces (brachycephalic), such as bulldogs, Persian cats, and pugs, can suffer severe oxygen deprivation or heatstroke in the air due to their short nasal passages. HipTip Here's a look at some of the biggest airlines and the size of pet carriers they'll allow for in-cabin traveling pets. Always confirm with your airline for exact carrier measurements and measure your pet carrier before making your reservations. 17" (length) 16" (width) 19" (length) 13" (width) 17" (length) 12" (width) LARGE CARRIER SIZES MEDIUM CARRIER SIZES SMALL CARRIER SIZES Air Canada American Airlines Alaska (hard carriers*) Frontier Alaska (soft carriers*) Asiana Airlines United (soft carriers*) U.S. Air (soft carriers*) U.S. Airways Hawaiian Sun Country United (hard carriers*) U.S. Air (hard carriers*) JetBlue Southwest *Note: Hard-shell carriers are constructed of plastic and metal while soft sided carriers are made of sturdy fabric and mesh. Now that you have a leg up on traveling with your pet, show us some of the places you're going to and traveling from. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram: #TripMunk * hipmunk Treat your pet pals to their own well-deserved vacation on National Pet Day, April 11! SOURCES aspx $ 100 smaler than $ 125 $ 125 $ 125 $ 125 $ 100 $ 100 $ 95 $ 125 $ 100 $ 196 $ 175 $ 35 $ 100 $ 125 $ 75 $ 200 $ 20 $ 125 greater than 9" $ 200 $ 75 $ 125 $ 125 $ 125 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 100

Hip Tips for Traveling With Pets

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A vacation just isn’t a vacation without your favorite furry friend. A little pre-planning can make a world of difference when it comes to hitting the roads, rails, or skies with your pet.




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