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High-Tech Wildlife

HIGH-TECH WILDLIFE EVERYONE knows elephants have large ears, but did you know they are just as useful as an air conditioning unit as they are for hearing? Read on to learn about the natural technology inside animals that allows them to survive and thrive. GIRAFFE Giraffes' long necks allow them to reach leaves and berries on branches six feet above most herbivores. NOT JUST ANY SPECIES can keep a head above the competition. BECAUSE BLOOD HAS TO TRAVEL 19 FEET AGAINST GRAVITY TO REACH THE BRAIN... Giraffes have double the blood pressure of most large mammals. This desert-dwelling animal is known CAMEL for its distinctive humps, which are often depicted containing large reserves of water. THOUGH THEY DON'T HOLD WATER, the humps do carry the largest concentration of fat reserves in a camel's body. BY FOCUSING FAT IN ITS HUMPS, the camel minimizes insulation in the rest of its body, allowing it to remain cool in hot climates. KOALA Koalas are known for their cuddly appearance and diet of eucalyptus leaves. BECAUSE EUCALYPTUS provides such little energy, koalas have special digestive systems. A KOALA'S EXTRA LONG COLON and exceptionally slow metabolism allow it to get as much energy as possible from eucalyptus leaves. An elephant's enormous ELEPHANT ears are one of its most distinctive features. NOT JUST FOR HEARING, elephant ears are also an important tool for cooling down. THEIR LARGE, THIN SHAPE is made up of a complex system of blood vessels. By circulating blood through the ears, elephants are able to cool themselves in hot climates. Toucans use their long bills to reach TOUCAN fruit on adjacent branches, but the bills have another important function. LIKE AN ELEPHANT'S EARS, a toucan's bill is used to cool off in hot temperatures. TOUCANS CAN DUMP BODY HEAT through their bills when they overheat, much like humans expel heat through sweating. BEAVER In addition to having impressive teeth, beavers excel through the structure of their dams. BEAVER HOMES, A BEAVER'S TEETH NEVER called lodges, are built in the middle STOP GROWING, of ponds created by their dams. so they won't be worn down Entrances are only accessible too low by chewing on wood. underwater, making the lodges impenetrable to predators. SEA TURTLE Green sea turtles can weigh up to 700 pounds! A TURTLE'S DOME-SHAPED SHELL is particularly effective for protecting its body. THE DOME evenly distributes force around its whole surface area, allowing the shell to withstand tough blows. INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY toucans-bills-radiators.html

High-Tech Wildlife

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Why are sea turtles’ shells dome-shaped? How much can an adult sea turtle weigh? You’ll discover the answers to these questions, along with many other wildlife facts, in this infographic.


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