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Heaves in Horses

HEAVES AN INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY the HORSE HEAVES, aka recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), is a chronic respiratory problem similar to asthma in humans. IT AFFECTS HOW DO HORSES GET HEAVES? 15% Horses, particularly those living in stables, inhale dust, mites, mold, bacteria, and ammonia from their bedding and hay. Horses with pasture-associated heaves are affected by tree OF HORSES 7 YEARS AND OLDER. pollen and grasses. Mold Mites Bacteria Dust Pollen Ammonia These particles cause inflammation and mucus accumulation in the Larynx lower respiratory tract. Horses with heaves might Trachea Bronchioles experience airway constriction, permanent lung changes, and difficulty breathing. Constricted Airway SIGNS OF HEAVES Nasal discharge A heave line Coughing more frequently, especially during exercise An abdominal lift at exhalation Increased respiration, even at rest Weight loss O Call your veterinarian if your horse displays any of these signs. If your veterinarian diagnoses your horse with heaves, what should you do? DO NOT muck stalls, sweep aisles, or run the tractor while horses are in the barn. Avoid feeding your horse hay, particularly from large round bales. HORSE STALL FRESHENER DO keep your horse with stable-related heaves on pasture, feed pelleted feed or hay cubes from the ground to encourage mucus drainage, avoid using above-ground feeders or haynets, and treat barn areas to reduce ammonia levels. POLLEN COUNT DO keep your horse with pasture-associated heaves stabled on days with high pollen counts. If environmental management is insufficient, your vet might prescribe corticosteroids or bronchodilators. WITHOUT PROPER MANAGEMENT, HEAVES CAN WORSEN OVER TIME. SPONSORED BY: the HORSE HORSE STALL PDZ ReFresher Sueet

Heaves in Horses

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Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) is a chronic respiratory problem similar to asthma in humans. Help your heavy horse breath easy with tips from our visual guide.






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