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The Hearing Ranges of Animals - Which Animals Hear Best?

CAN YOU ´EAR THAT? ? NO, BUT A PORPOISE COULDC How's your hearing? Poor? Perfect? Regardless, chances are you're overestimating how much a human being can hear. Take a look below and find out how our hearing ranges compare to other animals from around tħe world - did you know a mouse wouldn't even be able to hear any of Barry White's soothing vocals? TURTLE 980 RANGE 20Hz - 1,000HZ Turtles don't have outer ears like humans do. They have thin flaps of skin that cover internal ear bones, meaning they can hear vibrations and low frequency sounds - but that's about it. GOLDFISH 100HZ 2,000HZ 1,900e RANGE When blown forcefully, a police whistle establishes a Hz frequency of around 2,800 Hz, meaning both goldfish and turtles are unable to hear them. FROG 2,900 RANGE 100HZ 3,000HZ A frog wouldn't be able to experience the full wonders of Mariah Carey's voice, as her G7 high note in the song Emotions reaches a frequency of 3136HZ. CANARY 250 8,000HZ 7,750 RANGE Canaries are well-known for singing along all day long, so who'd have thought their hearing wouldn't be that great? PIGEON 10,000HZ SHz 9,800H2 RANGE Despite their reputation, pigeons are incredibly intelligent animals. As well as being able to hear distant storms, they are one of only a small number of species that pass the 'mirror test - a test of self-recognition. ELEPHANT As well as having 12,000HZ 900od hearing ability, 16HZ elephants are able to sniff out water up to 12 miles away and are well-known for their incredible memory. 11,984 RANGE CHIMP 19,900 ŘANGE The similarities between apes and humans are vast, right down to both species ability to hear. 100HZ 20,000HZ MAN 19,980e RANGE 20,000HZ 20HZ Unfortunately for humans, we can both hear and understand (to a degree) PSY's Gangnam Style. BUT WE'RE NOT QUITE DONE EAR Despite being the 'boss' of the house, humans typically have a hearing range under half of that of most household pets. OHz wwwm 50:z 46,000HZ DOG 45,950 RANGE www wM This shows exactly why your dog can hear the postman approaching from down the road, and why dogs are so good at alerting to you to any intruders. 50,000HZ wwwwwwwM 30HZ CAT 49,970e RANGE How do you think cats can hear birds and mice so easily and proceed to bring them into your house as a present? 100,000HZ MOUSE 1,000Hz 99,000H2 RANGE What a shame - if a mouse and turtle found a language they could both speak, they wouldn't be able to hear each other! Mice have great hearing, but can't hear the lower sounds that most animals can hear. 3,000rz 120,000Hz BAT Because of their poor eyesight, bats rely heavily on their hearing to 117,000k find their way around. By using 'echolocation' they can work out when walls and other objects are in their way. RANGE 1,000HZ 123,000HZ BELUGA WHALE Most sound reception in a beluga whale happens in the fat-filled lower 122,000 jawbone, which conduct sound waves through the jaw to bones in the middle ears. RANGE 1,000HZ 130,000Hz DOLPHIN Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals that use their lower jawbone to assist with hearing, as well as using echolocation similarly to bats, although dolphins do this via their antenna-like teeth. They also have heightened sensitivity to touch – but have little to no ability to smell. 129,000 RANGE 75uz 150,000HZ PORPOISE Related to dolphins and whales, the porpoise has the largest hearing 149925.. range of any animal known on the planet. RANGE So there we have it; no matter how talented you think people are, we all have our limitations. Some animals are faster than humans, some are stronger and a significant number of animals have much better hearing. BROUGHT TO YOU BY IHP INDEPENDENT HEARING PROFESSIONALS SOURCES WIKIPEDIA.ORG ONEKIND.ORG COMMONS.WIKIMEDIA.ORG LUCID-MIND-CENTER.COM FACINATINGAMAZINGANIMALS.FILES.WORDPRESS.COM CONCERTHOTELS.COM/WORLDS-GREATEST-VOCAL-RANGES SEAWORLD.ORG/ANIMAL-INFO

The Hearing Ranges of Animals - Which Animals Hear Best?

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Regardless of whether you’re hard of hearing or have perfect hearing (for a human), this infographic will show you that – whilst us humans are a talented bunch for the most part – our hearing do...




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