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A Healthy Pet is a Safer Pet

Obesity, or the excess of body fat that is enough to impair health and quality of life, is something that our pets can suffer from, too. Although cats seem to regulate their diets better than dogs, that doesn't mean that they can't - Pet Obesity - gain excessive weight. So set all your excuses aside and read on, because our world's animals are getting fatter, just like we are! open - Estimated Total of US Pets - overweight or obese 55.6% 43 50 54% million million definitely obese 20% 16 20 22% million million Who would have guessed that cats, with all their diets, have a higher tendency of becoming overweight than dogs ?! Many commercial dog treats are filled with calories, sugar, and other potentially un- healthy ingredients that do nothing to satisfy hunger It is important to remember that your cat can only eat when you allow it to, and that they need plenty of water with their food Castrated male and female dogs have a tendency to become obese, so you should always keep an eye on your dog! An obese cat should never be without food for longer than 24 hours, in order to avoid the very serious threat of fatty liver syndrome Ideal Weight & Daily Caloric Needs Siamese Persian Domestic Cat Maine Coon 5-10 lbs. 7-12 lbs. 8-10 lbs. 10-25 Ibs. 150-200 calories 160-220 170-200 200-400 calories calories calories Poodle Beagle Bulldog Shih Tzu Il-17 lbs. 18-30 lbs. 40-50 lbs. 8-16 lbs. 275-325 calories 310-450 600-700 180-300 calories calories calories Yorkshire German Golden Dachshund Terrier Shepherd Dog Retriever <7 lbs. 8-10 lbs. 75-95 lbs. 65-75 Ibs. max 160 180-200 1000-1400 850-1000 calories calories calories calories .while women need 2000 calories / day ..and men need 2500 calories / day. Insulin Resistance & Diabetes osteoarthritis Primary Risks of Excess Weight in Pets R.I.P. Decreased Life Expectancy (< 2.5 yrs)| Many Forms of Cancer How do you tell if your pet is overweight ? How do you tell if your pet has a healthy weight ? difficult to feel ribs under fat ribs are easily felt • sagging stomach (you can grab a handful of fat.) tucked abdomen • who's fat how ?! (no sagging stomach) broad, flat back with no visible waist visible waist when viewed • from above Sources: A pet365 petometer.circahealthcare,net Copyright 2011, Heart & Respiratory Disease agoOa haupsyı

A Healthy Pet is a Safer Pet

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Healthy and happy pets are less likely to bite, than pets who are ill or in pain. Keeping pets fit has many health benefits and can also keep your kids safer. Be sure to give healthy treats for traini...




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