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Guide to Protect your dog from Fleas and Ticks

Guide to Protect your Dog FROM FLEAS & TICKS Symptoms of Ticks Symptoms of Fleas Tick injects a toxin into its host dogs as it feeds. Fleas are the most common external parasite that can affect your dog. * Wobbliness in the back legs * Salivation and vomiting is not uncommon * Panting, progressing to loud breathing, even grunting noises * Many dogs will exhibit a moist cough * Droppings or "flea dirt" in a dog's coat * Allergic dermatitis * Excessive scratching, licking or biting at skin * Hair loss * Breathing problems before other signs * Scabe and hot spots * Pale gums * Tapeworma Ticks Cause: Fleas Cause: * Lyme Disease * Anemia * Ehrlichosis * Allergies and severe itching * Anaplasmosis * Significant numbers of fleas can cause life threatening blood loss to young, elderly pets. * Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Prevent Ticks: Prevent Fleas: * Apply topical tick medications * Clear the Yard Use a tick collar Bathe your dog in a shampoo specifi- cally made to prevent ticks * Use a tick spray * Flea Trape * Household Sprays and Foggers Clean House * Powders and Sprays * Flea Dips * Flea Collars * Flea Shampoos * Oral Medications * Spot-on Treatments Tips:- * Ticks are just one form of external para- site that can infect your dog. Others include fleas and biting lice. * As with any pet health issue, it is best to consult your veterinarian with any ques- tions or concerns. At Budgetpetcare, yon can ask question to onr vet for free and chance to get prize if your question selceted best question Treatment: Fleas and Ticks are hard to Topical Solutions Sprays Oral Medication control and it requires an inte- grated pest management to remove them from your envi- ronment. By- y f 8+|P Source: Wikipedia, Wikihow,

Guide to Protect your dog from Fleas and Ticks

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Fleas and ticks are very difficult to control and it requires an integrated pest management to remove them from your environment. Here an Informative guide to protect you dog from Fleas and Ticks.


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