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The Great Dog Breed Checklist

---**** The Great Breed Checklist When you are thinking about adopting a dog, there are many things for you to consider and there are many different breeds for you to choose from. Here are the 10 most popular breeds in 2010 and what you need to know to decide if a certain breed is right for you, Labrador Retrievers -------------- Heritage Appearance Hailing from Canada the Labrador Retriever is Athletic, stable a gentle, intelligent, family-friendly dog. temperament allowing labs to move from show ring to work in the fields. 1. Size Ranging in height at the withers from 24.5" for 72 male dogs to 23.5" for female dogs 60" 48 24.5" 36" Labs range in weight from 24" 65 to 80 lbs for male 12" dogs to 55 to 70 pounds for female dogs. Upkeep Temperament The seasonally shedding lab's fur Friendly, outgoing, eager to please, non aggressive. retains its water resistance with regular grooming. Did you know? Labs excel as guide dogs for the blind, as part of search-and rescue teams and in narcotics detection for law enforcement. O German Shepherds Heritage Appearance Originating in Karlsruhe, Strong, agile. Germany, the German Shepherd is a herding well muscled. Sit! and farm dog. 2. Size > Ideal height for 72" German Shepherds is 24 to 26" (males) and 60" 48" 22"-26" 22 to 24" (females) at the top of the 24" shoulder blades. 12" Upkeep Temperament Both a loyal pet and reliable guard dog, this dog is energetic, fun-loving, and known to be fond of children SOAP Requires regular exercise and grooming. That movie dogs -- Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart -- coupled with the "dog saving boy theme increased the popularity of the German Shepherd. Did you know Yorkshire Terriers Appearance: Heritage: Named after the city of Neat, compact, and well-proportioned body. York in England, Yorkies pack a large personality in a small size. Size As a member of the 72" 3. American Kennel 60" Club Toy Group, this dog should not 48* 36" exceed 7 lbs. 6-9" 24" Yorkies are usually 12 between 6" to 9" tall Upkeep: Require minimal Temperament: Yorkies fit in wherever they exercise, but need daily interaction are and travel with owners. well. Long coat requires regular brushing. Did know u Yorkies were once used to catch rats in clothing mills. Beagles Heritage Appearance This breed is descended Short, muscular backs from the packs of hounds coupled with deep, broad owned by English chest express a Beagle's gentleman in the 1500s. freedom of action. Size 72" 60" Beagles come ► ----- 48" in two sizes -- ... 13" and 15". 36" 13"-15"- 24" 12" Upkeep Temperament Short coats The carefree SOAP make grooming Beagle is friendly and the perfect family pet. your Beagle a cinch. Did know u The most famous Beagle of all time? Snoopy! e Golden Retrievers ---------------- Heritage Used primarily for hunting. Appearance This golden-haired the Golden Retriever was dog, a delight to bred by Lord Tweedmouth own, is to suit the Scottish well-coordinated. climate, terrain, and game. Size 72" The average size 60" is 55 to 70 48" 22-24" pounds. 36" Their average 24" height is between 22-24" Upkeep: Temperament: Easily adaptable With a water-repellent to wherever it double coat that sheds Lives. Requires H daily exercise. seasonally, the Golden Retriever needs daily brushing. Did you know? RESCUE This dog's hunting instincts are ideal for search-and-rescue teams. O Bulldogs Appearance Heritage Bred for fighting, The thick-set Bulldog Bulldogs were ferocious features a massive head, fighters almost wide shoulders, and impervious to pain. strong Limbs. Size 72" Though small in 60" stature, Bulldogs can weigh up to 50 pounds. 48" 36" 12"-16" 24" Their height can 12" range from 12" to 16". Upkeep Temperament Known for their Short fur makes for minimal grooming. Overheating can occur due to the Bulldog's short nose, so seek shady spots. ability to bond with children, Bulldogs are good pets. A little known fact is that the Bulldog takes its name from bullbaiting, a blood sport inuolving bulls. Did knois u Boxers Heritage Appearance Boxers can be fawn Originally bred for dog fighting and tracking down or brindle colors. game for the hunter. Size « Ranging in size from 25" for the adult male to 72" 60" 23.5" for the adult 48" 23.5"- 25" female, the Boxer is a 36" square-built dog with strong limbs. 24" 12" Upkeep Temperament Protective of and SOAP patient with children, the Boxer makes an ideal family pet. This dog needs daily exercise, but minimal grooming Did you know? It's called a Boxer because these dogs can stand on their hind legs and box with their front paws. Dachshunds Heritage The elongated Dachshund was bred in the early Appearance A muscular figure with short legs, the 1600s Germany to dig. burrow, and fight badgers. Dachshunds possesses elastic skin. Size 72 Available as standard 60" or miniature, the 48" weight varies from 16 to 32 for standard 36" 5"- 12" and 11 pounds for 24" miniature. 12" Upkeep Temperament A playful dog HI SOAP that can adapt to Moderate exercise with many living grooming dependent on coat length. situations. Did know" Dachshunds can have three coats types - Smooth, Wirehaired, or Longhaired. Poodles Heritage Once known as a water retriever in Germany, the Appearance Poodle fur can be Poodle's distinct grooming style was designed to help dogs move through water efficiently. Hair white, black, apricot, or gray, but never was left on parts of the Poodle's body to protect multi-colored. organs and joints susceptible to the cold Size 1 New owners should note 72" that Poodles can be Standard 60" - over 15 inches tall at the shoulder, Miniature - over 48" 36" 10"-15" 10 but under 15 inches 24" tall. Toy -- 10 inches or under, and Water Retriever. Temperament: Though small in H stature, Poodles require daily exercise. Upkeep: The Poodle's fur requires professional grooming. Did know u The Poodle's hypoallergenic coat can reduce allergic reactions. Shih Tzu Heritage Appearance Known for its long The once prized house pet of Chinese royals, the Shih Tzu flowing double is a cross between a Lhasa Apso or Tibetan mountain dog coat, the Shih Tzu holds its head erect. and a Pekingese. 10 Size The Shih Tzu is in the 72 Toy Group, which will 60" range in size from 8 to 11 inches tall at the 48" 36" 8"- 11" shoulder and from 9 24" to 16 pounds. 12" Upkeep Temperament Harking back to its status as a house pet of noble Though this dog requires minimal exercise, daily bearing, the Shih Tzu is trusting of all brushing and maintenance of coat is required. Did know British soldiers discovered this dog in World War II. Sources > families-and-children > > > https://www. • > http://www.dogbreedin

The Great Dog Breed Checklist

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When you are thinking about adopting a dog, there are many things for you to consider and there are many different breeds for you to choose from. Here are the 10 most popular breeds in 2010 and what y...



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