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Giving Pit Bulls a Second Chance

GIVING PIT BULLS A SECOND CHANCE 40% 5% of all dogs in the United States today are labeled as pit bulls. of all dogs in animal shelters today are classified as bully breeds. However But Bully breeds include 12 different breeds of dogs from Boston Terriers to Neopolitan Mastiffs. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PIT BULL 19th First 'created' in England by breeding English Bulldogs and Terriers; to be called Bull-and-terriers. CENTURY 1860s Bred in England and brought to the US with the founders, pit bulls were used as herding dogs. They also protected livestock and families. The UKC (United Kennel Club) was → 1898 formed. Pitbulls became one of the first breeds to be recognized. 1914-1918 Pit bull's were dubbed “America's Dog" and used on posters during World War I to sell war bonds and recruit for the U.S. military. THE FACTS However Stories are told of pit bulls with locking jaws that exert That is lower than the Just like other dogs, pit bulls' jaws do not lock and exert average for all dogs: 1600 235 320 pounds per square inch of force with their bite. pounds per square inch. pounds per square inch. 86.8% Better of the American Pit Bull Terriers Than have passed their temperament tests. According to the ATTS (American Temperament Test Society, Inc.) Collies, Golden Retrievers and Beagles Ranking pit bulls fourth in highest passing grades of the 122 breeds tested. THERE ARE 78 4 million of those are owned pit bulls. million owned APPROXIMATELY dogs in the US. THE DEATH PENALTY OR REHABILITATION? Dogs in animal shelters 30% of the total dogs admitted to U.S. animal shelters are labeled as pit bulls. 60% 86.7% 60% of the total dogs euthanized are pit bulls. of pit bulls admitted to open admission shelters end up being killed. of all dogs in U.S. shelters are euthanized each year. SOURCES DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING NAT GEO IWILD People.pdf

Giving Pit Bulls a Second Chance

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This infographic provides a deeper look into the truth about the pit bull breed.


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