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Getting to Know the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

A SERIOUS (and stinky) BUG PROBLEM - Getting to know the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug - .STOWAWAY THE THOUGHT IS STINK BUGS ARRIVED IN THE U.S. VIA SHIPPING CONTAINERS FROM CHINA NATIVE TO CHINA, TAIWAN. KOREA AND JAPAN. ·HITCHHIKER- Bugs on the Run AS STRONG FLIERS, STINK BUGS ARE KNOWN TO HITCH RIDES ON VEHICLES. STINK BUGS HAVE BECOME FIRST DOCUMENTED A COMMON SPECIMEN IDENTIFIED IN HOUSEHOLD ALLENTOWN, PA PEST. SEPTEMBER 2001 STINK BUGS HAVE BEEN ON THE MOVE 2013 IDENTIFIED COAST TO COAST IN 38 U.S. STATES. THE SMELLY FACTS THEY LOOK MENACING, BUT STINK BUGS WILL NOT BITE OR HARM PEOPLE. A SINGLE FEMALE WHEN THREATENED STINK BUG CAN LAY STINK BUGS RELEASE UP TO 400 EGGS. A FOUL SMELLING ODOR. 15 STINK BUGS ARE STINK BUGS ATTRACTED TO BECOME ACTIVE LIGHT. IN SPRING. SO WHAT'S UP WITH THAT SMELL? Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs rely on their olfactory-assaulting chemicals for protection against predators such as birds, lizards and mice. Foul-smelling chemicals flow from the two glands on the insect's thorax that ward off enemies. The insect also releases a different scent that attracts other stink bugs. AGRICULTURAL RESIDENTIAL PEST PEST $831,000 $40 million Reported Yearly Loss from Mid-Atlantic Apple Growers When the weather starts to cool down Approved Funding by House of Representatives for Stink Bug Research in 2012 Stink Bugs seek shelter inside homes and buildings. Stink Bugs pierce the fruit's outer surface and suck out juices while injecting saliva. The İnjected area Is then left dimpled and rotted. Stink Bugs are attracted to white light that is illuminated from homes at night. WHAT YOU CAN DO To prevent or limit the presence of Stink Bugs in your home. STOP 1. CHANGE EXTERIOR LIGHTING TO YELLOW BULBS 2. FILL EXPOSED AREAS AROUND DOORS & WINDOWS 3. KEEP DAMPER SHUT ON CHIMNEY WHEN NOT IN USE 4. REMOVE WINDOW AIR CONDITIONING UNITS 5. REPAIR TEARS IN DOOR AND WINDOW SCREENS 6. VACUUM UP EXISTING STINK BUGS & SEAL IN TRASH BAGS Rentokil Ehrlich | Western | Presto-X Your Local Pest Control Experts Sources: The Ohio State Extension, NPMA Field Guide, Washington Examiner, The Library of Congress,'stinkbug/faq.asp

Getting to Know the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

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The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has spread to 38 U.S. states since being first identified stateside in 2001 and has become a major thorn in the side of farmers and homeowners.


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