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Friends of Hector

WHAT'S ON THE Every year 100,000 sharks and 1,400 sea turtles are caught and thrown back injured or dead in Canada's surface longline fishery for swordfish. ON Surface longlining is a notoriously destructive fishing method that indiscriminately catches non-targeted species like sharks, sea turtles, sea birds, and marine mammals. It has been cited as the main cause for their catastrophic global population declines in only a few, short decades. ---• Canada's fleet is no exception. LINE? 30-60 km... of mainline THE NUMBERS This fleet is one of the most wasteful i SURFACE LONGLINING fisheries in Canada. More than half the 500-1500 weight of what is caught is unwanted animals - including endangered sharks and sea turtles – instead of the targeted Surface (or pelagic) longline fishing is a non-selective, passive gear type. baited hooks A mainline is rolled out from the boat stretching between 30-60km long. swordfish. The Atlantic Canada surface longline fishery fishes in Canadian waters off This mainline floats near the top of the water column with between 500-1500 The Fleet's Annual Catch baited hooks hanging off of it. the coast of Nova Scotia To catch about 20 000 swordfish, 100 000 sharks and 1400 sea turtles are also hooked every year. After hours in the water, the line – and anything on it – is hauled back in. TARGET CATCH SWORDFISH 20,000 UNWANTED CATCH 100,000 1,200 170 BLUE SHARKS SHORTFIN MAKO PORBEAGLE LOGGERHEAD LEATHERBACK SHARKS SHARKS SEATURTLES SEATURTLES SPECIAL THREATENED ENDANGERED CRITICALLY CONCERN ENDANGERED ENDANGERED COSEWIC status; Canada's independent science advisory body for species at risk (!) THE PROBLEM VA BETTER WAY TAKE ACTION Canada has no rules in place to stop this wasteful way of fishing. 1. Biologically meaningful limits on each bycatch animal that can be caught. Join Hector, our blue spokeshark, to change how this fishery works and to make sure Canada acts to protect Around the world, shark populations have declined by 90%. As top preda- tors, they are extremely important in balancing marine ecosystems and sharks are in trouble. Sea turtles have vulnerable species in its waters. 2. Gear modification and other strate- gies that reduce catch of non-target animals. Visit to help. 3. Policies and incentives that support harpooning gear used in Atlantic Canada. declined by up to 75%. a thriving, alternative A message from the Ecology Action Centre

Friends of Hector

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Friends of Hector is an international campaign dedicated to the protection of sharks and sea turtles from being caught as ‘bycatch'. Some of the most troublesome fishing gears for sharks are longlin...


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