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Friend or Foe? Freshwater Fish Compatibility for a Happy Tank

friend or foe? freshwater fish compatibility for a happy tank Tank mate compatibility is crucial for a healthy, happy, sucessful freshwater aquarium. Incompatible species can Fish aren't always predictable increase stress which could result in: • Whether or not they are expected to be compatible or incompatible : Disease with others, pay attention to your fish to monitor Injury any aggressiveness : Loss of : Aggressiveness can also vary within I: fish the same species freshwater compatibility chart O Generally Can Sometimes Coexist Depending on the Exact Species Not Compatible Compatible Angelfishes Barbs Bettas (Female) Bettas (Male) African Cichlids So. Am, Cichlids Cory Cats Danios Discus Eels Frogs Goldfish Gouramis Guppies Koi Loaches Mollies Oscars Platies Plecos Rainbow Fishes Rasboras Sharks Swordtails Tetras Crustaceans Plants angelfishes barbs bettas (female) : May be aggressive to : Avoid housing with May be housed together smaller fish such as smaller, slower fish, with caution among guppies and neon tetras especially fish with peaceful fish that will not : Schooling fish long fins nip at their fins : Active schooling fish bettas (male) cichlids cory cats Must be kept in •: Can become Can be kept with most individual tanks or be aggressive and community fish of a the only betta in a territorial similar temperament community aquarium : Best if kept with similar size and temperament fish danios discus eels : Their constant Require an advanced • Should not be housed movement may level of care due to their with small or slow- irritate more calm fish temperature and swimming species water quality : Schooling fish • May become requirements aggressive frogs goldfish gouramis Can be kept with large, Most compatible with May become relatively docile fish other goldfish and koi aggressive toward that will not attempt the same species in a to eat them smaller aquarium guppies koi loaches : Do not house with Most compatible with Aggressiveness varies known fin nippers other koi and goldfish between loach species (like barbs and gouramis) : A ratio of two females to one male helps maintain aquarium peace mollies oscars platies Do well with other Require a lot of tank Do well with other peaceful community fish space, so take that into peaceful community fish account when adding more fish to the aquarium plecos rainbow fishes rasboras Keep only one pleco Do well with other : Do well with other per aquarium unless peaceful community fish peaceful you introduce two community fish at the same time : Schooling fish sharks swordtails tetras Compatible with Do well with other Keep in same-species same size fish with peaceful community fish schools similar temperaments crustaceans plants Some species can be : Check each plant's aggressive toward fish compatibility with your and other crustaceans water condition and fish • Some fish dig up or eat plants With so many fish to choose from, it's important to consider which ones can live together in a friendly community. Use this chart to keep your fish happy and safe. The illustrations in this graphic are not exact replicas of the fish. Sources: display.cfm?c=830+1161+1558&pcatid=1558 display.cfm?c=830+832+1014&pcatid=1014 BROUGHT TO YOU BY DESIGNED BY petco GHERGICH&Co. Angelfishes Barbs Bettas (Female) Bettas (Male African Cichlids So. Am. Cichlias Cory Cats Danios snɔsia Frogs Goldfish Gouramis

Friend or Foe? Freshwater Fish Compatibility for a Happy Tank

shared by Ghergich on Jan 08
Create a happy aquarium by knowing what fishes are compatible with each other using this cute chart. From Angelfishes to Rainbow Fishes learn which fishes you should choose for your freshwater aquarium.




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