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Flock That Sh*t

tallgrass prairie/savannah hemlock mixed forest fresh oak deciduous fresh oakmaple/hickory fresh moist lowland red oak dečiduous plantation .coniferous plantation exotic forest "mineral cultyral meadow thicket swamp mineral meadowmarsh mineral shallow marsh submerged shallow aquatie density contamination emergent layer shrub/canopy layer groundcover grass/lawn riparian layer insect prevalence flock that sh*t revegetătion through aviation NTS Över 280 species of birds-fave been recorded in Toronto's High Park ånd the Westerri Waterfront shorelines. In fact, 68% of all the birds that migrate over the Toronto region stop at this site to rest and forage, inevitably putting a strain on the ecology. Birds ré habitats that contain high tree species richness, mykiple canopy heights, and variation in tree density. Moreover, research shows that with warming temperatures it is more efficient for-species to move up in elevation as a way of staying cooler than •ft is to move north to get the same benefit. The lack of vegetative diversity and emergent forest layers on the site thus creates an imperative to design a stratified phasing strategy that will aim to create ecologies thatvary incanopy levelas well as density. Through the use of compressed seed perches that utilize the potential of irds' natural seed dispersal, the site will be re-established and revegetated by the birds over time to allow for a more resilience and biodiverse ecosystem. Continued monitoring and maintenance of this program will allow us to understand how new ecologies are forming within the site, as well as how this strategy may be implemented elsewhere within the region. | ПШ | IIIIII O IIIIII IIIIII П IIIII IIII|I IIIIII IIII|I IIIII| III||| IIIIII IIIIII IIII|| III||| III|||

Flock That Sh*t

shared by sahadi on May 02
site analysis of how people and birds travel through a regional parkland, as well as how topography and soil condition preface the original condition of the site. using the natural flow and seed dispe...


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