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Fleas and Ticks Are Summertime Pests for Pets

FLEAS & TICKS ARE SUMMERTIME PESTS FOR PETS FLEA & TICK FAQS What are fleas and ticks? Fleas Ticks are wingless insects that are arachnids that feed feed on blood on blood What are the dangers? What are the signs? Tiny black specks that look like dirt can Pets with fleas can contract tapeworm, develop allergies, or become anemic be flea droppings Ticks can give your pet Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever Ticks can leave red, itchy bumps at bite sites How do pets get fleas and ticks? How can I protect my pet? Regular use of flea and tick control products Outdoor areas- especially wooded locations for your pet and yard Other animals- particularly strays and wildlife Checking your pet for parasites after spending time outdoors DID YOU KNOW? A single tick bite can give your pet multiple diseases Fleas can go more than 100 days without a blood meal Ticks can also transmit dangerous diseases to humans TACKLING FLEA & TICK TROUBLES Recognizing symptoms Flea infestations: hair loss, hot spots, excessive scratching Tick diseases: loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, vomiting Treating fleas Give your pet a flea bath and clean bedding Ask your veterinarian about flea treatments and preventives Treating ticks Wear gloves, use tweezers to remove the tick, and clean the site with antiseptic Talk to your veterinarian about tick treatments and preventives Preventing household infestations Maintain indoor humidity levels below 50% Keep your home and your pet's bedding clean PROVIDED BY: EZ PET CARE EZPETCARE.COM SOURCES: 1ofacts_about_fleas jofacts_about ticks

Fleas and Ticks Are Summertime Pests for Pets

shared by BrittSE on Sep 27
Fleas survive off of blood, but they can go more than 100 days without a blood meal! Check out this infographic to learn all about summertime pests that may harm your pets.


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