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Finding a Feline Food That’s the Cat’s Meow

FINDING A FELINE FOOD THAT'S the Cat's Meeru WHAT DO CATS NEED? Meat Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must eat other animals for survival The best foods have a high protein percentage from meat, organs, or identified meat meal like salmon meal or chicken meal This should be the first ingredient Minerals Cats are susceptible to urinary tract crystals and stones Choosing the right food can help reduce the risk of these issues Moisture Cats often do not drink enough water on their own They may need to eat both wet and dry food, depending on what your vet recommends CONCERNS IN CAT FOOD Questionable ingredients Cat food should not contain a lot of artificial ingredients, preservatives, or dyes such as caramel color Avoid potentially harmful ingredients, including vitamin K3, BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, sodium nitrate, rendered fat, sugar, gluten, garlic, brewers' rice, and carrageenan Manufacturer location Avoid products from countries that have lax food quality laws The United States, Canada, and New Zealand have some of the highest standards Exclude brands where manufacturer location is unknown Customer complaints Avoid products that have a history of complaints or recalls RisKS OF LOW-QUALITY CAT FOOD Kidney disease Obesity and poor nutrition Roughly 58% of cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese Low-quality proteins can make the kidneys work harder to remove toxins A digestible diet with good protein sources can help keep your cat's weight stable Discuss your cat's protein needs with your vet and learn the signs of kidney problems Meat, meat meal, or meat broth should be the first ingredient TYPES OF CAT FOOD Dey Can be a convenient choice, but may need some wet food for moisture Wet May be less processed and have a higher moisture content, which is good for cats Dehydrated Full of nutrients, but you'll need to make sure your cat drinks enough water to combat potential kidney problems TALK TO YOUR VET ABOUT YOUR CAT'S UNIQUE DIETARY NEEDS! FOR A LIST OF HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CAT FOODS, SEE OUR SOURCE BELOW: WwW.REVIEWS.COM/CAT-FOOD Provided by: DR. DAVE'S GROOMING. BOARDING, AND DAY CARE Dr Dave's GROOMING - BOARDING DAY CARE WwW.DRDAVESBOARDINGGROOMING.COM

Finding a Feline Food That’s the Cat’s Meow

shared by BrittSE on Nov 10
If you choose dehydrated food for your cat, you’ll need to make sure she’s also drinking plenty of water! You can find out why this is so important by clicking over to this pet day care infographic.


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