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Facts about cats

Facts IS cats mecul mеouв you didn't know about 3 out of 10 U.S. households oun at least onɛ cat, uhich tends to believe it's the head of the household. Cats don't understand punishment, but they do understand praisE. If a cat lifts its tail and kɛeps it stretched all the way in the air, it's saying hello. Cats love to cheuu on marijuana lɛaves. It's possible to teach a cat to give you its pau like a dog, but it uiould require a uwhole lot of patience. A belly-up cat indicates trust seeing as in that position it can't defend itself. 25% of cat ouners blou dry their cat's hair after a bath. Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours a day. But ɛVEN when they' re sleeping, thɛy quickly respond to simuli. Cats have Excellent night vision. You Tube YouTube search for cat videos brings up 422,000 results. After eating, cats clean themselves immediately. A survival instinct causES them to behave this way to prevent predators from smelling food and attacking. Cats hate the smɛll of oranges and lemons. The majority of uhite cats with blue eyes are deaf, unless one of their ɛyes is a different color than the other. Black cats tend to bɛ calmer than uhite cats, uhich are often very anxious. PURR PURR The purring of a cat has a calming ability, allowing a cat to relax when it is sick or scared. Cats can have 3 to 7 kittens Every four months and up to 100 kittens during their lifetimes. A cat's tongue is made up of small hooks that help tear foods. This is uhy it feels scratchy when it touches your skin. A cat's uhiskers occasionally fall off and groui back. Their disappearance affects the animal's sense of orientation, so it's important not to cut them. Chocolate is toxic for cats and can makɛ them ill. Cats are instinctively hunters, but aren't truly effective unless their mothers shou them the ropes. In France, the sound a cat makɛs wuhen purring is "ronron". RONRON RONRON SOURCE: Design and Illustration by Adrian Carpintero

Facts about cats

shared by adroaras on Aug 23
When it comes to pets, cats are in a different world. Some love them, others not so much, but if you're thinking about getting one, here are some facts you should know.


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