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Extreme Species and Their Homes

EXTREME SPEGIES & THEIR HOMES Our planet is full of strange and awesome creatures that live in environments we wouldn't dream of visiting any time soon. Here are some of the most extreme animals in the world and the bizarre places they call home. POLAR BEAR LORD OF THE ARCTIC Withstands extreme temperatures: 77°F to -90°F CULEX MOLESTUS LONDON UNDERGROUND MOSQUITO Body is insulated by a layer of blubber up to 4.5 in. thick Survives in unnaturally warm, man- made underground railways like the London Underground CAMEL Evolved aggressive feeding behaviors and targets a variety of prey including rats, mice and humans THE SHIP OF THE DESERT Withstands extreme temperature of up to 120°F ANGLER FISH Can survive 8 days without water THE BLACK DEVIL TARDIGRADE Survives underwater at depths of over 3,000 ft. LITTLE WATER BEAR Evolved a luminescent 'fishing rod' growth on its head to lure prey in absolute darkness Withstands extreme temperatures: 304°F to -459°F Can survive 10 years without water GRIMPOTEUTHIS THE DUMBO 0CTOPUS Survives underwater at depths of 9,800 to 23,000 ft. GIANT TUBE WORM BLACK SMOKER PLUMES Its soft body can withstand deep water habitats Lives on the ocean floor 5,000 ft. deep EMPEROR PENGUIN Survives in toxic, super-heated waters THE WINGED DIVER KIWA HIRSUTA Withstands extreme temperature of -94°F & wind speeds of 60-85 mph THE YETI CRAB Survives in low temperatures by standing in a big huddle Survives by living near hydrothermal vents Silky hair-like fibers cover its arms to detoxify the poisonous minerals released by hydrothermal vents CHAMOIS MOUNTAIN ANTELOPE Survives at altitudes of 15,000 ft. Reaches speeds of 30 mph on rough, uneven ground EXTREME CLIMATES TARDIGRADE 304°F CAMEL 120°F POLAR BEAR EMPEROR PENGUIN -90°F -94°F TARDIGRADE -459°F EXTREME ALTITUDES & DEPTHS CHAMOIS 15,000 FT. ABOVE SEA LEVEL ANGLER FISH 3,000 FT. UNDERWATER GIANT TUBE WORM 5,000 FT. UNDERWATER DUMBO OCTOPUS 23,000 FT. UNDERWATER EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS

Extreme Species and Their Homes

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Extreme Species and Their Homes showcases 10 of the most extreme creatures and the bizarre environments they live in. These creatures live in the hottest, coldest, highest, deepest and least habitable...




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