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Everything You Need To Know About Dog Skin Problems

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Skin Problems YOUR DOGS SKIN IS JUST AS SENSITIVE AS YOURS Skin Conditions in dogs can be helped by properly caring for the dogs skin by cleaning and conditioning it. Your dog's skin is just as sensitive as yours, and requires lots of tender loving care! GET TO THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM! An itchy dog usually indicates there may be other health care and well- being issues with your pet. Therefore, it is important to make sure the underlying problem is found, stopped and removed, and any skin or coat damage repaired fast. Skin problems in dogs due to mange, mites, allergies, and dog ticks lead to itchy dogs! One of the most common problems that affect dogs are skin problems. The skin is the largest organ on a dog and is the most common reason trips are made to the vets. Look out for these symptoms Greasy, waxy or matted coat Itchiness scaly patches or scabs on the skin Lumps and bumps • Dry skin Dull looking coat Hair loss Red, irritated looking skin • Bald spots Dog scratching and biting itself This is not an exhaustive list, as each dog breed reacts differently to the causes of dog skin problems Some types of dog are more prone to skin problems than others Westies Shar Pei Yorkies German Shepherds- Retrievers The above types of dog are more prone to dog skin problems, if you own one of the above dogs be sure to check out any skin problems if the dog has any symptoms like the ones we mentioned Causes of Dog Skin Problems Skin conditions in dogs are generally due to one of five reasons: ALLERGENS Allerges such as pollens, house dust mites, mould spores or insecticides can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and cause the skin to itch and the animal to scratch excessively allergies in dogs can also be triggered by parasites such as fleas and mites. FUNGAL INFECTIONS Fungal infections are most often contracted by contact with fungal spores found in soil. Most common are Ringworm, parasites such as BACTERIAL INFECTIONS Bacterial infections cause the majority of skin infections and are due to the Staphylococcus (staph) species. It causes skin lesions such as scabs or sores. In cats, it results in wet Fleas, Ticks and Lice and mites that cause Mange (scabies) in dogs, cats and horses. eczema. ATOPIC DERMATITIS Atopic dermatitis is a skin disorder common in dogs, not unlike eczema. It causes the skin to PARASITES react easily to irritation and becomes red, parasites such as dog ticks, fleas and mites, which can lead to any of the above problems. flaky and very Itchy. It can also become susceptible to bacterial infection. You can reduce or stop dog skin itching quickly, and may even avoid an expensive trip to the vet if you can identify dog skin problems in their early stages. Then, you can work out why your dog is scratching, so you can take immediate remedial action. These cause various skin conditions in the dog, and if you have itchy dogs and they are continually licking, scratching or biting themselves, then it is likely that there is a dog skin problem that needs attention. Remedies for Dog Skin Problems There are various remedies to stop your dog itching, depending on the type of skin problem. It is always advisable to take your dog to the vet to identify the particular dog skin problem so that the right treatment can be prescribed. Treatment could be oral, topical or a combination of both de- pending on the problem. Where there is a lot of dog itching, treatment with an antifungal dog shampoo will not only relieve the symptoms very quickly, but will tackle the underlying dog skin problems and get rid of the fleas, dog ticks and mites. Call 01223 967117 Perfect Pet Skin Dermopt Shampoo & Conditioning Spray

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Skin Problems

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Dog skin problems are very common. This infographic will help you understand what might be the problem with you dog, and more specifically what the problem is with their skin.


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