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European Shark and Ray Fishing

Shark and ray catch by EU fishing vessels: Who catches what? In 2009, according to UN Food and Agriculture Organization, EU vessels landed 112,329 tonnes of sharks and rays from around the world, with blue sharks dominating the catch. Spain is consistently responsible for more than half of all EU shark and ray landings and three-quarters of the blue sharks taken. Other 831 Other Catch Spain tonnes 19,751 Portugal 576 tonnes 12,083 France tonnes 330 tonnes tonnes Other 171 tonnes Tope Shark France 1,077 2,108 tonnes tonnes Spain Blue Shark Other 4,258 40,483 53,397 tonnes tonnes tonnes Rays Spain 13,131 6,765 tonnes tonnes France Catshark 5,836 7,483 tonnes tonnes Total EU Catch Smoothhounds France 112,329 4,317 3,095 tonnes tonnes Spain tonnes Ranking of EU Countries 2009 total in shark and ray catches catch (t) 1,036 Other Other 571 727 tonnes Italy Spain France 62,158 tonnes 495 tonnes 19,498 Other tonnes Portugal 18,614 5,113 1,779 UK France Cuckoo Ray Thornback Ray tonnes 3,131 tonnes 4,224 3,368 Belguim Italy Ireland Greece The Netherlands Denmark 1,952 Hammerhead Shark Shortfin Mako Spain 1,696 1,482 tonnes tonnes 5,147 3,391 227 tonnes tonnes 966 Spain tonnes Thresher Shark 477 133 178 247 tonnes Spain tonnes UK Spain Sweden 83 662 122 0 796 Other Portugal France Bulgaria 58 tonnes Other 431 tonnes 37 tonnes 793 UK 12 19 Portugal Malta 39 tonnes tonnes tonnes 1,737 Estonia Germany Slovenia European Union 29 tonnes tonnes Portugal 70 tonnes 27 Other 55 tonnes tonnes SHARK ALLIANCE 112,329 Source: FAO FishStat Plus, 2009

European Shark and Ray Fishing

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According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) catch statistics, Spain, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom (UK) rank among the top 20 ‘shark’ (term also includes ra...


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