Editorial – Property Market

Some counties perbem better han ohers but very strong rests ndioste a heathy market ata local .An. insider's guide to buying level Thinking about making an offer on a property, but confused about where to start? Baffled by House Price Indices and unsure of where prices are heading in your area? Well, as one of the UK's leading property specialists in the south of England with over 80 branches, we've got the inside track on the market - and our quide will tell you everything you need to know. penany napaper enalmat any gkan wekandyaul be p ed wihe atat haun pia fgu. Adle seme surn dallver an up--data, furand hont mupahat af Briaila pery pricen tham an knh anly, formpl and on the fal priee achiuved for the praparty. The HAl ia producnd mandly and amually. On the fliprida, itaenaly djatdlm sama of the ohar and indeliet the pim paid for ne-buld propertimor thae that hava remalned in he ama handa fara Iang periad. properdia awkAnd vhila dhia la allvaluable hformation bar in mind that the data ian't Emed anfinal sallng pla a wauld ba cardad by martguga landun or mpartad to the Land Raglutyl. We'll help you mntake the right move shan that a lel. ketr AtAndr, weunderstand that buying pmperty an mtinasbe alia overhalming and tat taking downal ta alvant informadon mala wall-judgad Infarmad decalana la tima-cansuming canfias ting, ta survaya aftan centaliet ach athar HALIFAC Now part of laydu lleklng re Hale hane af the UCa biggentmartgaga lendes and haa finger firmlyen the pule of the Howee, wave beanarund sinan 1946and ouragenta a armad with al the v doy Intoupply and dumand. We keow jat what it takan to bay ina changing markat, and have gataur fingar firmly on the pule of pricenin the sbeata that matter tayau Our paanalwie attlantdland specialist knowldg Theee conflicts arsCad y de dileetwa tha data la gathered andevaneonomita diagras on whichurvey la tha moat acurat. Howa, tharar ahandful that yau can but and dhey can provide aefdoeni l de melat- wveputiredawecton of tase bal FIGHTMOVE THa familersita adverten mantmated soof arlat. The cmpanyamondily mpart mefiacta lthe propert bang wldly UKettengant the aga pricn tat ha ben grad en and unn tia information t omple aragula buakdown of weaga king pian fehih e ienilequty vay that shows campand to the previsua enth aryaa. The reporta e bden the prs of haman in The campany taa he prke af a'vpical England and W when thay'n ftlden dbia, and ina bpicalmanth Rightmove aya thill ually le sgoo-40000 propertin ught using its martgagn and akn ageto agnt for buyand sallala ngianal dut Get in touch toith us today; we're the link between you and your next property LA MD REGISTRY: HOUSEPRICE INDEX (HP) Tha the govemmant'soen suvey and ik claina to be "te mart accurata indecendant houne priea indealabla hin ta orlyona baned on all alm, martgagad and atheniaa houe, and given that the suvay han baen unin the sama wy tar meet oyr itaamahed tat can belungaly truatad. 4 March andnonlinacou The property market in numbers We advertise over 7,000 Dver 20,000 offers in 2012 an increase of 54% properties on Righbmove and Zoopla cachyear from 201 best of all de nyt-underatand baldown of prian far everycounty in Britain- ta mala h ta natanal npapan, aya leel And branch ahauld bayaur firat part of call for advice Current situation pooooooooooooooooooo AsAlede wm geing te pren, the eraga haum jrla , which wa La mare dhan the pwiemh p LOan lutyaar. Wiichia et lad al Surw p an laat ye Kant upen latyer fardahin up 2anlntynar Last year we sold over Current average house prices on your area Grtanly thare an eme untesthat perfanm better than ethesinveynglen but thane verystrangreults ind haalthy marlat at alecal leval - nd wauld ba emy tomes la vital aight igeing by nawapaper haadia le. TIME IS RIGHT As dld ineurlat un, in ary iven yag right sowdabetme to and all pmparty. Wn heding into tha ual boom time (inownan ha'Spring Bounca) and to add t h ml paivity the Bark af Englanda Funling far landing Schame a polaed to giva th marleta fthbast. Tha naw incendive alloakanh and landan barow up to codllan atala intent ate an the jvlae a lnadto hama buyen Hova whanwa lakat ta figum br puntiiin he Andrers heand, 6,300 then a sema pakling semen tal Beitalk up 13an lart yar • Grenter landan up 7anlat ya Maredagtateay aant properties 0.7 3.3% 3.2 2.9 7.1% Howa, it's werth baingin mind that the bank hanaslight nartham bian, which man that ita typial haae may nat reflect the aga k hou WHATTO LOOK FOR When it omantogating to gripawith the pricea inyaur, weld bewarthompaing and bualnmen artalny, ame kanh hava and cantraating somaof the abova indicn Hownag you can al gatamananably goad das ef ala alng an y chacling ja ha latst Hatla lan Regiaty ebal whndegiaty.gavak. coocoocooo UP FROM LAST YEAR FROM oooooooooo cut martgaga te in cant aaen de larkof the sham * Last year over 65,000 people ROVALINSTITUTE OFCHARTERED SURVEYORS (RICS) Whi he gvemant martgaga campanies and proparty webitenal has valdparcaptiona afwhata happaning in the peperty marklat so teo do suvayan wha have leen puting tagathara ppaty vy since 1re. Thala further bema sut ly tha lat RCS inde. Thay say dhat the houning marlat la "over the very warf and that he al ta inere in the £252,190 were looking to buy ae the coming mentha THE VITAL STATISTCS Crudially ita werh deing tia-ather than ing the HA haadin that hemalkinte afairte y that the marlat la u dappe, y-b youcandiI d pely enger thanita lean faranumler properties through 1 tttt registering their details with Avanga Land Raginy HPI for landan Sauth Ean and South West Thn patelnda hned en pem estitica for veer glan. And thane meritly quatiannae sentt0-00sunayan Llly 20-a00 m They an sle lad for fim iguan howmany hamen haa bn ld petf tha countylimpartant. Tall ent far dair heughts andadvine and lst and hew mayas farl-d i a emastvale part af the mport.hguns hat the hepricala inyurgian showinghaw ry ppert ensaland bow many wauld-be buyaraansigning upcam geageedidea afuhat lahapping lly. of yean, and the igna a doubly ancouging forouglan. Saakyaur Andrtt unlamyauta plaming an baying inadiffnt 1.4% UPIROM LASI MON sut for what's happering te peenin yeurlecal 3.3% la how the pricenhava changad bathin ar. Arn man For Sal signe crappingup? de ptmenth andh te paty and daver Huick hay tumng to Sat tt Andrews UPON LAST YEAR You naver kna, tmightwall be ta aptiu tima tomala an affar an the placn of your Silry you cen hall de prapartn in your prica bracket a salling and parhapa ..... E March Sour: Land Rgt Wanan aoa nd And intemal abefigebr "Saldntject ta ooatact.

Editorial – Property Market

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A feature from an interiors and property magazine showing two double page spreads and a section of infographics. The design of this magazine is soft and feminine, aimed at the female readers. The g...


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