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Dogs and Cats are Different and Require Different Nutrients

Dogs and Cats are different and reguire different natrients AD Beta-carotene Dogs use beta-carotene as source of vitamin A, while cats cannot. Arachidonie acid Cats cannot produce a fatty acid called arachidonic acid and need it to be supplemented in their diet. It is not necessary for dogs to have this fatty acid in their diet. CAT Protein/Fat PROTEIN Cats require higher protein and fat levels. FAT Taurine Cats require an amino acid called TAURINE taurine in their diets. Dogs can make this on their own. Health problems Lack of taurine in a cat's diet can cause heart disease and other health problems. Calories CAT FOOD Cat food is higher in calories. Vegetables Dog food contains more vegetables. Dogs are carnivores, but can survive on an omnivorous and even vegetarian diet if required. (**only recommended for extreme sensitivities/allergies) Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require meat to survive. Zine/Nitamin E Cat food contains less zinc and vitamin E than dog food. |Zinc Vitamin E What can happen if they eat the wrong food for extended perids of time? Dogs may have gastrointestinal issues and begin to vomit or have diarrhea Without taurine, cats can develop serious heart and health issues Cat food is tough on your dog's liver Higher calorie cat food can cause dog to gain too much weight Can lead to pancreatitis in dogs due to high levels of fat How to prevent Place cat dish Put food bowls in different Set barrier such as gate for dog Add cat door Feed cat when to laundry dog is outside higher than dog can reach, such as rooms room door that on counter or shelf cat can access, but dog can't Sources: brought to you by Homes Alive Pet Centre » » »

Dogs and Cats are Different and Require Different Nutrients

shared by evanropp on Jun 21
Sure, dog and cat foods use similar meat ingredients and the ingredients may seem similar from a distance, but here are some key differences between dog and cat foods that you may not notice from just...




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