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GETTING DOWN WITH DOGA What is Doga? Doga creates a bonding experience stronger than simply going for a walk or sitting in the park with your pooch. Classes are practiced in two forms depending on the instructor: Humans help dogs perform Humans perform yoga poses doga poses while dogs mill around Bonding experience for dog Great socializing experience for dogs and owner Poses can be modified for all sizes, shapes, and abilities, just like a regular yoga class Why Dogs make the Perfect Yoga Companions Yoga is about being in Dogs are in the moment and the moment and all about union because they're developing a sense of oneness pack animals Benefits of Doga for Dogs and Humans Builds Teaches Aids in relaxation bond trust and stress relief Improves circulation and range of motion Can mellow hyperactive dogs Doga Poses If you can't find classes near you, consider trying some of these doga poses at home with your pooch. Chaturanga STEP STEP Have dog lay on its stomach. Pet its back. Chair STEP STEP 1 Have dog sit on its hind legs 2 Raise the dog's front paws in the air. while holding the dog from behind. Forward Bend STEP STEP STEF 2 Roll and bend forward, hanging from waist, with Stand with both feet 3 Scoop up dog to add its under your hips. weight to bend and hands and head low. increase stretch. Heart-to-Hound Mudra ..... .. STEP STEP Place one hand over heart and the Close eyes and breathe slowly. other over dog's heart. Inner Dog Mudra STEP STEP Rest your forehead on dog's Connect the energy of your minds. forehead. Puppy Paw Mudra STEP STEP STEP Kneel down behind dog Turn your head to the side. Have dog lay on its stomach with front legs 1 and place head on its extended outward. back while holding its front legs outward. Savasana .... .·.. STEP STEP Have dog lay on its back. 2 Pet its exposed belly. Wheelbarrow STEP STEP STEP Stand behind dog and Gently pick its back legs 3 Slowly encourage it to lean slightly forward. up, supporting its hip joints stretch and flex its torso. with both hands. Doga stretches and relaxes humans and their dogs. And it's a great way to strengthen the bond with your four-legged friend. FIX .com


shared by Ghergich on Aug 05
While yoga is fantastic for humans and our health, there’s a new trend that’s increasing the health of our four-legged friends, too: Doga. has created a graphic entitled "Getting Down with...




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