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Dog World Records

Dog World Records For thousands of years we have been content to have dogs as our companions, to admire them, to love them, and to rely upon them to protect us and to help us in our work and our sporting pursuits. This graphic will not show you how cute dogs are, because that's something everyone knows by now, but it will try to amaze by presenting you the Dog World Records. Yes, dogs made their way into the Guinness Book, too! Oldest Dog Ever Bought as a puppy in 1910, Bluey the Australian Cattle Dog was owned by Les Hall of Rochester, Victoria, Australia. He worked amongst cattle and sheep for 20 years before being put to sleep on 14 November 1939 at the grand age of 29 years old. "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." Australia, 14-11-39 Bluey 1. country & when паме -- Roger Caras 29 years 5 months Australian Cattle Dog record breed breed record Cross Bread 26 years country & when паме There is no psychiatrist in the world like a pupPY licking your face. Pusuke Japan, 09-12-10 -Ben Williams The oldest dog still alive was born in April 1985 in Japan, and is a male cross breed owned by Shigeo Nagai. In December 2010 Pusuke was 26 years old. Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job, -Franklin P. Jones Oldest Dog Still Living Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. A dog's vision is less distinct than humans and they are unable to of colours we see. -Max Eastman Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. -Roger Caras A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself -Josh Billings see the range A dog recognises objects first by their movement, second by their brightness, and third by their shape. Oldest Dog Ever Ancient Egyptians revered the Saluki and it is well documented as being kept as a royal pet and being mummified after death. 000 329 BC Saluki when breed when паме Laika 03-11-57 In 1957, the first dog was put into space. Laika, which means 'barker'in Russian, was put on board Sputnik 2 and pioneered the way into space travel. Unfortunately this shuttle was not designed to return to Earth and Laika died a few days after making it into the Guinness World Records. Earliest Dog in Space Puppies need to chew to stimulate the loss of their baby teeth and to help place their permanent teeth. NEVER punish a puppy for chewing... just be sure to provide lots of appropriate toys and chews instead! breed record Dog nose prints are as Golden Retriever Tennis Balls unique as human fingerprints кате country & when 5. | The Basenji is the world's onlybarkless dog. Augie USA, 6-07-03 Augie the Golden Retriever from Dallas, Texas, USA has the world record for the most tennis balls held ina Dogs have sweat glands in their feet! dog's mouth at one time. Augie gathered and held 5 regulation sized tennis balls on 6th July 2003. People have been keeping dogsas pets for the past Most Tennis Balls Held in Dog Mouth 12,000 years. Dogs are pack animals by nature. They need closeness, touching, and petting to be content and happy. rbreed record Вохer 43 cm (17 in) 6. * country & when name Brandy USA, 2002 The world record for the longest tongue on a dog is 43 cm (17 in). This super long tongue belonged to Brandy, the boxer, who lived with her owner John Scheid in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA until September 2002. Longest Ears on a Dog Ever Tigger, a Bloodhound from USA has the longest recorded ears on a dog. Measuring 34.9 cm (13.75 in) and 34.2 cm (13.5 in) for the right and left ears, respectively this record was set on 29 September 2004. Longest Tongue Ever USA, 29-09-04 Tigger country & when name 34.9 cm (13.75 in) Right 34.2 cm (13.5 in) Left Bloodhound breed record record breed Tibetan Mastiff £945,000 .country & when The UK's top owned breeds* name Big Splash China, 17-03-1 Labrador Bichon Frise German Shepherd Jack Russell 8% 3% 4% 7% The most expensive dog is an 11-month-old Tibetan Mastiff called Big Splash (or Hong Dong in Chinese), who was sold for £945,000 in early 2011. Yorkshire Terrier Rottweiler Border Collie Dalmation 5% 1% 8% 1% Most Expensive Dog Tallest Dog Ever A Great Dane called Giant George is the tallest dog ever, and measured in at 1m 9cm (43 inches) tall on 15th February 2010. Smallest Dog Ever The smallest dog, in terms of height, is long hair Chihuahua called Boo Boo. On May 12th 2007, she measured just 10.16cm (4 inches) and is owned by Lana Elswick, Kentucky, USA. USA, ISth Feb 20I0 Giant George 9. Country & when паме I metre 9 cm Great Dane Boo Boo USA, 12-05-07 record breed 10. country & when паме Long Hair Chihuahua, 10.1bcm (4 inches) record breed The average dog has 42 permenant teeth in their mouth. breed Irish Wolfhound record 237cm (93.17in) Dalmatians are completely white at birth. .country & when каме 11. Farrell USA, 4-08-10 A puppy is born deaf, blind and toothless! An Irish Wolfhound called Farrell holds the record as the longest dog (still alive). He measures in at 237cm (93.17in) from nose to tail tip. A Basset Hound is not able to swim. Longest Dog Still Living A dog's shoulder blades are unattached from the rest of its skeleton to allow for freer movement when running. breed record Largest litter by a dog Boxer ap 801 A Neapolitan Mastiff called Tia gave birth to the largest recorded litter of puppies on 29 November 2004. Tia produced an eye-watering 24 puppies, of which 23 survived into adulthood. 12. country & when паме Brandy UK, 15-06-09 Daz, the German Shepherd Dog, achieved the record for the loudest bark on 15th June 2009. He managed an ear-shattering bark of 108 dB. UK, 29-11-04 Tia 13. паме COuntry & when Loudest Bark by a Dog 24 Neapolitan Mastiff record breed Chocolate, grapes and raisins are Fastest Car Window Opened by a Dog The fastest time a dog has unwound a non-electric car window is 11.34 seconds and was achieved by Striker, a border collie. The record was set on 1 September 2004 in Québec City, Canada. poisonous to your dog and shouldn't be fed Canada, 1-09-04 Striker to them. 14. COuntry & when паме Border Collie I1.34 seconds record breed pet365.couk Copyright 2011 * According to PFMA survey carried out in 2008 in UK.

Dog World Records

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From the tallest to the smallest, the fastest at winding down windows and the largest litter. These dog world records are a collection of the greatest pooches from all over the planet!




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