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Dog diabetes symptoms evolution and origins

Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs How do they progress and where they come from PRE- 100 mg/dL Average fasting blood glucose concentration of an healthy dog DIABETES (1g/L or 5.55 mmol/L) Blood glucose levels slowly increase without causing symptoms 200 mg/dL Renal threshold: glucose starts spilling into the urine and first symptoms appear (2 g/Lor 11 mmol/L) OVERT DIABETES 250 mg/dL Value commonly accepted as the maximum average glucose level for a well treated diabetic dog* (2.5g/L or 14 mmol/L) Symptoms arise Unexplained weight loss I Increased thirst (polydipsia) | Increased urination (polyuria) I Increased hunger, especially after meal (polyphagia) I Fatigue or lethargy I Poor coat condition Uncontrolled or untreated diabetes Too aggressive insulin treatment Complications& Treatment concomitant diseases side effects Diabetic Ketoacidosis Hypoglycemia Vomiting, dehydration, depression, weakness, panting, rapid and heavy breath Signs of hunger Increasing anxiety Shivering Eye damage Eye cloudiness, eye opacity, Confusion, disorientation Unstable locomotion red eyes, vision loss, blindness Muscle twitching Increased vulnerability to infection Stumbling or sinking of the rear legs Cushing's (hyperadrenocorticism) Seizures, coma Loss of ability to exercise Enlarged and pendulous abdomen Weight gain Itchy skin Hair loss 9 In case of mild hypoglycemic symptoms feed quickly your dog. In case of severe hypoglycemic symptoms, put a liquid high sugar treat on your dog's gum (maple, corn syrup..), then feed your dog and call your vet or a veterinary emergency service Panting Hypothyroidism Weight gain Exercise intolerance Hair loss, alopecia Weakness Facial nerve paralysis Pancreatitis Anorexia Vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration Abdominal pain Weakness Kidney disease, neoplasia. * « Target results Average BG<250 mg/dlL; ideally no single BG>300 mg/dL» American Animal Hospital Association Diabetes Guidelines Fasting blood glucose level

Dog diabetes symptoms evolution and origins

shared by GillesVI on Aug 13
Diabetic dogs suffer from a variety of symptoms. It is important that the owner identify them and be able to understand what they mean. This infographic gives a synthetic and comprehensive view of the...






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