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Does My Horse Have Gastric Ulcers?

DOES MY HORSE HAVE ULCERS? AN INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY theHORSE OF HORSES-PARTICULARLY 50-90% PERFORMANCE HORSES- HAVE GASTRIC ULCERS. THOROUGHBRED RACEHORSES 80-90% WESTERN PLEASURE & PERFORMANCE HORSES 40-75% ENDURANCE HORSES 70% ENGLISH PERFORMANCE HORSES 60% IF YOUR HORSE SHOWS THESE SIGNS, HE MIGHT HAVE ULCERS: DECREASED PERFORMANCE ATTITUDE CHANGES RELUCTANCE TO TRAIN POOR BODY CONDITION WEIGHT LOSS POOR APPETITE LOW-GRADE COLIC POOR HAIR COAT DULLNESS LOOSE FECES EXCESSIVE TIME SPENT LYING DOWN O Remember: Horses that appear healthy can still have ulcers. The only way to definitively diagnose ulcers is through gastroscopy. WHY ULCERS OCCUR A HORSE'S STOMACH PRODUCES ACID 24/7 – UP TO 9 GALLONS A DAY. STOMACH Squamous (Nonglandular) Mucosa When the stomach's not full, acid can splash onto the vulnerable upper portion called the squamous (nonglandular) mucosa. Gastric Acid 60-80% of ulcers occur in the squamous region RISK FACTORS Physical and environmental Chronic non-steroidal stress such as anti-inflammatory administration stall confinement Transport stress Intermittent, high-grain meals Cood News! YOU CAN PREVENT ULCERS BY: • Limiting stressful situations such as intense training and frequent transporting. • Feeding free-choice forage. • Reducing the amount of grain and concentrates in the diet. • Allowing horses to see and socialize with each other. • Feeding alfalfa hay. • Minimizing anti-inflammatory drug use. Offering nutritional supplements to support gastric health. • Increasing pasture turnout ONLY 4-10% OF ULCERS HEAL NATURALLY. FDA APPROVED The only FDA-approved treatment is omeprazole. SPONSORED BY: PLATINUM theHORSE PERF ORMANCE www.PLATINUMPERFORMANCE.COM (800) 553-2400

Does My Horse Have Gastric Ulcers?

shared by TheHorse on Aug 04
Up to 90% of horses suffer gastric ulcers. Is your horse one? Discover common clinical signs, treatments, and management strategies for horses with gastric ulcers in our step-by-step guide.






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