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Do You Know How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain?

IS YOUR BEST FRIEND IN PAIN? - Joint Pain in Big Dogs - How to SPOT THE SIGNS and ALLEVIATE THE PAIN 50% 80% of Americans 65 or older experience pain from arthritis of dogs 8 or older* suffer from joint pain *Equal to only 55 in human years EVERYBODY'S BEST FRIEND THERE ARE 90 74 and only million dogs owned by 60 million U.S. households million children in the U.S. IN THE U.S. 48% 38% 10% own dogs own cats own freshwater fish 6% 5% A% 2% own birds own small animals own reptiles own horses SOMEBODY TO LOVE: BENEFITS OF DOG OWNERSHIP 81% companionship, love 73% 59% 53% fun to have around like a family good for my health/my member family's health WE SPOIL QUR BUDDIES 95% give their dogs treats 48% give Christmas gifts 41% buy premium dog food 37% name a caretaker/guardian for their dog in their will 28% give birthday gifts 12% provide for their dog financially in their will 11% throw their dogs holiday or birthday parties AVERAGE SPENDING AMONG DOG OWNERS PER YEAR $322 Boarding/ kennels $235 NON-HEALTH-RELATED EXPENSES Food $62 Cages/crates Shampoo/conditioner $23 Leashes $84 Grooming $43 Beds Carriers Treats Toys HEALTH-RELATED EXPENSES Emergency $204 Sick Routine $102 Heartworm Flea and tick control product vet visits Vitamin In 2017, Americans will spend an estimated $16.62 BILLION ON VET CARE AND $14.93 BILLION ON MEDICAL SUPPLIES and over-the-counter medicine BIG DOGS COST THE MOST According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) AVERAGE COST OF CARE IN THE FIRST YEAR $3,536 $3,239 $2,889 $2,674 GIANT DOG LARGE DOG mastiff, great MEDIUM DOG lab, golden retriever, german shepherd SMALL DOG dane corgi, cocker spaniel boston terrier, shih tzu Dog owners are SPENDING MORE THAN EVER on their pets' health and happiness, but MANY DON'T REALIZE HOVW THEIR BIG DOGS STILL SUFFER JOINT PAIN: SILENT SUFFERING OSTEOARTHRITIS JOINT PAIN 20% adult dogs 80% geriatric dogs Joint conditions are the MOST COMMON AND EXPENSIVE PET HEALTH ISSUE. In 2016, average cost of treatment: $3,456 THE BIGGER THEY ARE. Large dogs are particularly prone to joint conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis Labrador Вохer German Shepherd Great Dane Golden Retriever Rottweiller "OH, HE'S JUST GETTING OLD AND SLOWING DOWN" THE DANGER OF INACTION YOUR DOG ISN'T ALWAYS SLOWING DOWN JUST BECAUSE OF AGE Joint pain leads to soreness, stiffness, and discomfort I get tired easier than I used to It hurts too much to go on walks and and play I'm so sore it makes me grouchy, and I sometimes growl if you touch the parts that hurt I'm in too much pain to get up and greet my best friend at the door I don't enjoy exploring new sights and scents like I used to IN THE WORST CASES, PAIN AND IMMOBILITY CAN CAUSE THE END OF YOUR DOG'S LIFE YOUR DOG CAN'T TELL YOU WHEN THE PAIN IS TOO MUCH to bear-it's important to PAY ATTENTION and protect your four-legged family member AN INVISIBLE PAIN EVERY DOG RESPONDS DIFFERENTLY Some dogs hide pain instinctively even when they have severe conditions Other dogs cry or limp even when the X-rays or physicals exams show only mild conditions SPOT THE SIGNS OF SUFFERING Most common symptoms of osteoarthritis joint pain include ZZ Getting up Stiffness and slowly or not at all Swollen or tender joints Sleeping longer than usual staggered Walking with particular movement care PREVENT SYMPTOMS FROM WORSENING Diet Exercise Bedding Feed large breed puppies the right food to ease their rapid growth (ask your vet about options) Keep arthritic dogs from remaining sedentary and putting on excess weight The only one-time purchase you can make that will have an ongoing, permanent positive impact on a big dog's quality of life Take 10-15 minute walks Monitor adult dog food intake and weight 5 days a week to lubricate stiffening joints Add joint-supporting supplements to slow arthritis progression Limit high impact activities, instead try swimming or other low-impact activities A dog bed with at least 2 layers of foam is essential to keep a large dog's joints elevated off hard surfaces EVEN THE MOST POPULAR BEDS DON'T PROVIDE SUPPORT Dog owners spend more on toys, cages, treats, grooming, carriers, food, and kennel boarding The only expenses they spend less on are shamp00/conditioner and leashes Polyfill Memory Foam Crib Mattress Full of air instead of Most are made with cushioning Stiff and uncomfortable low-quality Chinese materials Instantly flattens out to provide zero support Built to support only 15-30 lbs of weight Material clumps up into a useless, uncomfortable sack within 6 months Single layer of foam not enough to keep your dog's pressure points off the hard floor Inner springs flatten out under a big dog Quickly flattens out HOW TO CHOOSE A BETTER BED DURABILITY Sturdy enough not to flatten over time (check warranties that guarantee your bed will keep its shape) CRAFTSMANSHIP Made in the USA by a company with a good reputation SAFETY Made with foam certified by the CertiPUR-ÚS ® organization (otherwise could contain lead, arsenic, chlorine, or other harmful substances) SUPPORT Made with 2- or 3-layer foam construction calibrated specifically for big dogs SIZE Roomy enough for your dog to fully stretch out Your big best friend needs a supportive, long-lasting dog bed to stay happy and healthy-visit to find out more about how to avoid canine joint pain SOURCES iheartdogs ritis/data_statistics/arthritis-related-stats.htm BIG Barker Premium BEDS For BIG DOGS /10.1186/1746-6148-8-162#CR1 DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING 98$ $474 visits $72 $349 vet visits $47 $257 $25 ,vet visits medication $85 $58

Do You Know How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain?

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Join pain is common in big dogs. Learn to spot the warning signs so you can act immediately!


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