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Debunking Common Mosquito Myths

DEBUNKING COMMON MOSQUITO MYTHS MYTH Mosquitos are harmless. FACT Mosquitos can transmit dangerous diseases, including malaria, Eastern equine encephalitis, and West Nile virus, to humans. 73 cases of West Nile virus were reported in Florida in 2012. MYTH Citronella candles do a good job of repelling mosquitos. FACT They only work in very small areas with no air movement. Studies have shown that citronella products work for less than 20 minutes. MYTH Mosquitos are attracted to the color yellow. FACT Mosquitos will bite a person wearing any color in the rainbow. You can wear whatever you want when you have a mosquito misting system. MYTH Mosquitos bite women more often than men. FACT Mosquitos do not prefer one gender over the other. Other biological factors do affect your likelihood of getting a mosquito bite. MYTH Mosquitos prefer sweeter blood. FACT Your blood sugar doesn't affect your attractiveness to mosquitos. Mosquitos are attracted to lactic acid, which is 10 released during exercise. LBS MYTH All mosquitos bite. FACT Only female mosquitos bite, using protein from blood to nourish their eggs. Both males and females feed on nectar for energy. RIP MYTH Mosquitos die after they bite you. FACT Mosquitos can bite multiple times. Mosquitos don't usually bite in succession. Instead, they fly to a resting place to digest their meal post-bite. * INTERESTING MOSQUITO FACTS There are around 3,500+ Both George and Martha Washington species of mosquitos! had malaria. A mosquito's saliva creates an allergic reaction, which is why bites are itchy. Afternoon is the best time to avoid mosquitos. Infographic Provided by: PLATINUM MOSQUITO PROTECTION Sources: wwwrdr gnv/FasternEquineEncephalitis/index html odd_body_mosquitos n 3328497.html

Debunking Common Mosquito Myths

shared by BrittSE on Jun 12
Mosquitos do not discriminate when it comes to bite victims: They sample blood from both men and women. Check out this infographic from Platinum Mosquito Protection in Miami to learn more about mosqui...


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