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Deaf Pet Awareness

DEAF PET AWARENESS Your pets are part of your family. You love them unconditionally and they love you back unconditionally. It's no different with a deaf pet. They are no less capable of love, loyalty, and joy than other pets. Find out more about pet deafness and what you can do to support deaf pets. SAFETY TIPS FOR CARING FOR A DEAF PET? • Have your pet wear an ID tag that reads, "(pet's name) is deaf", along with your name and phone number • Train your pet with hand signals – start with down, sit, wait, come, and "happy hands" • Keep your pet leashed when outside the home • Participate in a basic obedience class White Coats ДАDP Trauma Injuries Old Age • Food rewards are a great way to train deaf pets because they cannot hear positive reinforcements. If treats are not always an option, try the "happy hands" hand signal. happy hands! BECOME DEAF (OTHER THAN AT BIRTH)' Be aware of your pet's vulnerabilities and adjust your day-to-day activities to accommodate him or her. For example, wake your pet in the same way every day with a treat in hand. This way it becomes a good experience rather than one where your pet is startled and may react in a negative way. you, Point at pet TOP 5 CAT BREEDS PRONE TO DEAFNESS1 European White Foreign White • White Cornish Rex • White Devon Rex • White Manx Make sure to inform strangers and children of your pet's condition and teach them the hand signals to use for communication. TOP 5 DOG BREEDS PRONE TO DEAFNESS1 HOW DO YOU OFFICIALLY DETERMINE IF YOUR PET IS DEAF?? Gpod dos • Dalmatian • Bull Terrier English Setter • English Cocker Spaniel • Australian Cattle Dog If you are concerned your pet may be deaf, take him or her to the veterinarian for a BAER Unresponsive to being called • Plays more aggressively Does not come running when food is poured in a bowl Does not wake up unless physically touched EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF DEAFNESS (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test. This test will allow you to find out the extent of the hearing loss. WHY DEAF PETS MAKE GREAT COMPANIONS? • Less likely to be distracted by noise • More attentive to their owners Easy to train with hand signals ADD A DEAF PET TO YOUR FAMILY? Deaf Paws Haven (US) • Birch Haven Rescue (CAN) • Deaf Dogs Rock (US) Deaf Dane Rescue, Inc. (US) Dalmatian Adoption and Rescue (CAN) • Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc. (US & CAN) Petfinder (US & CAN) trupanion TM Medical insurance for your pet. Wat Trupanion is a registered trademark of Vetinsurance International Inc. Canada – Underwritten by Omega General Insurance Company USA – Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company Print your own hand signal pocket guide at Sources: 1 George M. Strain, Ph.D., School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University 2 Deaf Dog Education Action Fund DDEAF is a publicly (non-governmental) funded 501 (c)(3), not-for-profit organization CHARACTERISTICS LINKED TO DEAFNESS' onic Ear Infections Noise • Merle Coats • Drug Toxicity Blue Eyes DEAF PET HAND SIGNALS bown

Deaf Pet Awareness

shared by Trupanion on Sep 24
Deaf dogs and cats make excellent companions! Trupanion has created a fun way to learn about deaf pets including interesting facts and easy hand signals in celebration of Deaf Pets and Deaf Pet Awareness Week.




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