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The Dangers of Heartworm Disease

The Dangers of Heartworm Disease What is it? How do animals get it? Can I get it from my animal? Heartworm is a serious Heartworms are Infected pets cannot pass heartworms to humans or other pets. Humans are not natural heartworm hosts so infestations are disease that is caused transmitted through the by a parasitic infestation bite of a mosquito. of Dirofilaria immitis. uncommon. Heartworm disease by the numbers 7 years 1 million 15 12 inches estimated amount of dogs in the how long a mature heart worm can live inside a dog how many more times how long mature heartworms U.S. that have heartworm heartworm treatment can grow disease today costs than prevention 1 Adult worms in an infected pet's heart produce heartworm 3 feeds on an infected dog and picks up the larvae. Inside the mosquito the larvae develop to the infective stage. larvae. The Heartworm TREATMENT IS REQUIRED Life-cycle PREVENTION IS EFFECTIVE 6. Developing adult and adult worms Inside the pet's tissues, the larvae develop for around 2 months in 2 Mosquito bites new pet transferring the developing larvae. infect the pet's heart, lungs and blood, Adult dogs and 2 1/2 months in cats. worms can live inside dogs for 5-7 years and cats for 2-3 years. Heartworm is much Symptoms more common in dogs than cats. Note: During primary stage, dogs will show no signs except for occasional mild cough Heartworm is harder to detect in cats because DOG CAT FERRET heartworms don't often reach maturity in cats. And cats don't host as Coughing Seizures Sudden Collapse Reluctance to Exercise Decreased Appetite Rapid breathing Weight Loss Persistent Cough Fatigue Heart Failure Lethargy Coughing Heart Failure many heartworms as dogs. Decreased Appetite Weight Loss Heartworm is detected in dogs with a simple antigen test. Heartworm disease is more prevalent along the Gulf and South-eastern Atlantic Coasts. Preventive Medications product animal heart ticks fleas round whip hook tape mites worms app ear worm worms worms worms advantage multi oral Heartgard topical Cats Heartgard Dogs oral Heartgard oral IVERHART MAX oral VIVERHART PLUS" oral revolution Dogs topical revolution Cats topical Tri-Heart Plus oral Trifexis oral sentinel oral sentinel spectrum oral в くくく

The Dangers of Heartworm Disease

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Heartworm disease can be deadly if left unchecked, but you can prevent it. Learn how to protect your pet from this parasite.




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