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Dangerous Spiders in North America

DANGEROUS SPIDERS IN NORTH AMERICA Western Black Widow APPEARANCE GLOSSY black with a bright red hourglass shape on the f the abdomen Females are about underside 0,5" LONG YOUNGER spiders may have red and white markings on their backs and sides with a 1.5"-2" LEG SPAN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ONLY WEBS FREQUENTLY BITE the females are resemble a cobweb found in dark areas releases neurotoxin that protected from the weather, like wood considered dangerous and are made of causes local pain which strong white silk can spread to the chest, piles and garages abdomen, or entire body Brown Recluse APPEARANCE 0.33" LONG YELLOWISH- BROWN with a darker brown violin shape on top of the head HAS 6 EYES instead of 8 like most spiders with a 1"-1.5" LEG SPAN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW MALES FREQUENTLY IF THE΄ BITE causes severe skin damage that may take and females are found in dry, sheltered get inside, they about the same size areas like under rocks gravitate towards dark or leaves closets, attics, and even a long time to heal shoes Hobo Spider APPEARANCE 0.5"-0.75" LONG NO dark bands on legs, unlike similar spiders BROWN with yellowish markings on the abdomen with a 1.5" LEG SPAN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 000 FAST BUILDS OFTEN BITE runner that wilh funnel-shaped webs found in wood piles, causes moderate to bite with little in holes and cracks near window wells, severe wound with a provocation behind furniture, lengthy healing time and in closets INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY PAYNEPEST MANAGEMENT Termite & Pest Control Professionals WWW.PAYNEPESTCONTROLOC.COM Sources:

Dangerous Spiders in North America

shared by BrittSE on Aug 29
Only female black widow spiders are considered dangerous. These spiders are frequently found in dark areas protected from the weather, like wood piles and garages. Discover other spider facts by click...


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