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Curious Cat

ROYAL CANIN. THE CURIOUS LIVES OF CATS REVEALED Household pet cats outnumber dogs by 12 million in the United States, but how much do cat owners really know about their furry feline companions? The results of a national survey work to dispel myths and allow for a better understanding between felines and their owners. CAT OWNERS ALWAYS TRY TO DO THEIR BEST - 15% of cat owners try their cat's food. 42% would change their cat's food if their vet recommends it. 65% consider flavor of cat food to choose the best one for their cat. CAT OWNERS NEED ACCESS TO MORE INFORMATION Almost half (49%) of cat owners did not gather any information or research before they brought their cat home. of those who have several cats feed them the same food 16% of cat owners feed their cat based on its lifestyle 95% (i.e., indoor vs. outdoor). regardless of age, gender or breed. Only 50% of cat owners think about their cat's health every day. Nearly two in three (65%) cat owners consider flavor when choosing food for their pet. 3 COMMON FELINE MISCONCEPTIONS 01---CATS: LOW-MAINTENANCE, NOT LOW-ENERGY. -- A majority of cat owners selected a cat because they easily adapt to their owner's lifestyle (61%)–they don't have to be walked or taken outside to go the bathroom (60%) and can' be left alone for long periods of time (55%). However, many cat owners are uninformed of the typical cat lifestyle. While many are aware that their feline rests frequently (up to 16 hours a day), many are unaware that cats spend time each day marking their territory (73%), hunting (68%) and hiding (62%). 02--- HEALTH IS NOT A CONSIDERATION WHEN CH0OSING A FOOD.- - Close to three-quarters of cat owners (72%) don't consider their cat's health when selecting food for their pet. Others don't factor their cat's breed (93%), weight (65%) or age (52%) into their pet-food decision-making process-all important considerations that contribute to the overall health and well-being of cats. 03 3-- CAT OWNERS FAVOR FLAVOR. When it comes to cat owners, taste plays a big role in cat food selection. Nearly two in five cat owners believe that cats have a strong sense of taste (38%), which is likely why so many consider flavor (42%) when it comes to what they feed their cat. In truth, cats have a weak sense of taste; aroma and texture play a much bigger role in how cats choose their food. THE SECRET LIVES OF CATS Cats are very curious pets with unique characteristics. Did you know? They are on the hunt! Cats treat their toys as prey. Cats eat in several sessions throughout the day. The average duration of a meal is two minutes. When you get a rub from a friendly feline, she's releasing her pheromones onto you. Cats use their claws to mark their territory. Cats can make up to 100 sounds. Dogs only make 10. To learn more about the curious lives of cats and to save $7 on any FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION formula, visit SOURCES: Survey conducted between August 19 and August 23, 2013 of over 540 Americans ages 18 and over who own at least one cat. The survey was conducted on behalf of Royal Canin by Kelton, an independent leading global insights firm. Banfield State of Pet Health, 2013 Household cat/dog numbers: APPA National Pet Owners Survey 2013-2014. What Cats Are Made Of. Piven, Hanoch, 2009. New York, NY: GineeSeo Books.

Curious Cat

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This infographic was commissioned by Royal Canin and presents statistics about cat owners and how best to care for a cat.


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