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CORGI- TASTIC LET'S FACE IT, CORGIS ARE AWESOME I'm not just saying that because I own one (Actually, yes I am. George is a fantastic dog). While Corgis aren't necessarily the most popular dog – that title belongs to the ever-enduring Labrador, followed shortly by the classic German Shepherd, according to the AKC – they have managed to catch the eye of the public in recent years thanks to the Queen of England and Caldwell Tanner. On that note, let's learn a little more about what makes this breed so muschal-able.* QUEEN ELIZABETH'S CORGIS STOLE THE SHOW IN THE 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY. BREEDS & HISTORY PEMBROKE CARDIGAN CORGI CORGI LONG FACE POINTED EARS ROUNDED EARS FOX-LIKE FACE LONG BUSHY TAIL LONG BODY NO TAIL Cardigan corgis are of an older and different bloodline than the Welsh Pembroke corgis are the most common of the two Pembroke corgi. Originally bred to protect cattle, cardigans breeds. They were originally bred to herd cattle, as their eventually became herding dogs. Over the years, due to cross- short stature allowed them to nip at the heels of the cattle breeding with the Pembroke and other breeds, they have taken while quickly dodging and rolling away from their hooves. on a very similar appearance to the Pembroke, but they still Their tails were typically docked to avoid injury while keep their bushy tails. herding and, unless they have a naturally bobbed tail, are still docked today. COAT COLOR: BLACK BRINDLE SABLE BLUE TRICOLOR RED SABLE MERLE CALDWELL TANNER'S WHIMSICAL CORGI CARICATURES CREATED A CORGI CRAZE ON THE INTERNET. CORGI ADVANTAGES CORGIS ARE TOO SHORT TO REACH COUNTERTOPS & THEREFORE YOU END UP WITH LESS STOLEN FOOD. TIRED OF HIGH-PITCHED BARKING? CORGIS HAVE THE LOW BARK OF A BIG DOG, SO NO "YIP" FACTOR. YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! THE PERFECT SIZE. CORGIS EAT HALF THE FOOD, TAKE UP HALF THE ROOM, AND MAKE HALF THE MESS OF A LARGE DOG. CORGI COST THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOG IN THE VWORLD $$$ GERMAN SHEPHERDS ARE CONSIDERED THE IS A TIBETAN MASTIFF THAT COST A HEFTY MOST EXPENSIVE BREED. A WELL-TRAINED GERMAN SHEPHERD CAN COST ANYTHING FROM: $1.5 MILLION. YIKES. $4,000-$24,000. A CORGI FROM A BREEDER WILL TYPICALLY RANGE FROM $500-$1,000. OF COURSE, YOU CAN ALWAYS ADOPT, BUT BE CAREFUL OF TEMPERAMENT. ADOPTION OFTEN COSTS AROUND $250. HORROR AUTHOR STEPHEN KING IS A PROUD CORGI OWNER. *MUSCHAL Still wondering what muschal means? It's a made-up word that describes a simultaneous hug, squeeze, and gentle shake. And yes, corgis are always up for a good muschal. Spread it around! LIFE IS "RUFF" THE END "EIN" THE CORGI IS A POPULAR CHARACTER IN THE ANIME CULT CLASSIC COWBOY BEBOP. MONEYSIDEOFLIFE.COM November 2012, Obrass|MEDIA RESEARCH, WRITING, DESIGN & LAYOUT: Kyla Tom SOURCES:,,,,,,,,


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Over the past few years, corgis have risen up the pop culture ladder. Let's take a moment to learn more about the breed.


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