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Coral Requirements & Difficulty

THAT FishPLACE THAT pet PLACE Coral Care Requirements Common Large Polyp Stony Corals (LPS) Genus Common Name Water Movement Aggression Light Intensity Difficulty Acanthastrea* Acanthophyllia Meat Coral Alveopora Astreopora Unknown Unknown Australomussa Blastomussa* Catalaphyllia Elegance Coral Caulastrea Trumpet Coral Cycloseris Plate Coral Cynarina Doughnut Coral Cyphastrea Dendrophyllia Turret Coral Diaseris Plate Coral Unknown Diploastrea Duncanopsamma Whisker Coral Echinophora Chalice Coral Echinophyllia Chalice Coral Torch/Hammer/ Euphyllia* Frogspawn Coral Favia Moon Coral Favites Moon Coral Fungia Plate Coral Galaxea Galaxy Coral Honeycomb/ Closed Brain Coral Goniastrea Goniopora Flowerpot Coral Heliofungia Tongue Coral Hydnophora Horn Coral Leptastrea Crater Coral Leptoseris Lettuce Coral Lobophyllia Tooth Coral Merulina Lettuce Coral Micromussa Montastraea Star Coral Mycedium Peacock Coral Nemenzophyllia Fox Coral Oulophyllia Deep-walled Maze Brain Coral Охурога Chalice Coral Pectinia Spiny Cup Coral Platygyra Maze Brain Coral Plerogyra Bubble Coral Scolymia* Button Coral Symphyllia Trachyphyllia Open Brain Coral Tubastrea Sun Polyp Coral Turbinaria Scroll/Pagoda Coral Common Soft Corals and Polyps Genus Common Name Water Movement Aggression Light Intensity Difficulty Giant Cup Amplexidiscus Mushroom Discosoma Mushroom Rhodactis* Hairy Mushroom Ricordea Anthelia Encrusting Gorgonian Briareum Cespitularia Clavularia Clove Polyp Pachyclavularia Star Polyp Palythoa Parazoanthus Golden Polyp Protopalythoa Button Polyp Zoanthus Zoo's, Zoanthids Capnella Kenya Tree Coral Cladiella Colt Coral Dendronephthya Carnation Coral Deepwater Gorgonian Diodogorgia Lemnalia Lobophytum Devil's Hand Coral Sarcophyton* Toadstool Leather Sinularia* Spaghetti Leather Sympodium Tubipora Pipe Organ Coral Xenia Common Small Polyp Stony Corals (SPS) Genus Common Name Water Movement Aggression Light Intensity Difficulty Acropora* Fire Coral Distichopora Lace Coral Millepora Fire Coral Montipora* Cactus/Flowering Leaf Coral Pavona* Pocillopora Cauliflower Coral Porites Psammacora Seriatopora Bird's Nest Coral Stylocoeniella Thorn Coral Stylophora Cat's Paw Coral Low These corals are the most These corals have a moderate care level and requirements. They have more demands in feeding, environment, and care but are usually not difficult to maintain difficult. This may be due to their natural sensitivity or to special needs in environment, feeding, or other parameters. They should only be kept by more advanced aquarists or by the aquarist who is prepared for the extra effort and attention to meet these The corals in these genuses have a very wide range of care and requirements. While all corals vary in care depending on the species and colonies, the requirements for these groups are especially wide-ranging. Low to Moderate These corals require the least intensive care and are fairly undemanding. They can be kept by aquarists of most skill levels and are generally Moderate Moderate to High the easiest to maintain. if these requirements are met. High needs. Low to High

Coral Requirements & Difficulty

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Coral Requirements & Difficulty. An infographic by the team at That Fish Place - That Pet Place.


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