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Classic Prospecting Dilemma: Call vs. Email

CLASSIC DILEMMA: CALL O EMAIL Can't decide how to contact your prospect? Ask yourself...What?...When?..Who? WHAT IS MY OBJECTIVE? Am I asking my prospect for a strong or weak commitment? STRONG Meeting | Conference call | Product demo WEAK More information | Referral GRAB THE PHONE START TYPING You are going to need to use your power of persuasion to close on this type of ask No need to waste their time when a quick email can accomplish your goal WHO IS MY PROSPECT? INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR EXECUTIVE GRAB THE PHONE Someone is likely answering the phones and is probably in a position to help you schedule a meeting and/or obtain the info you need. So pick up that phone, clear your throat and avoid the temptation of the triple declaration - "I am, I'm from, I want" to improve your chance of making meaningful contact. START TYPING This person probably doesn't have an assistant answering their phone and is unlikely to answer calls from unknown numbers - so go ahead and send that email. *Bonus points and better res ponse rates when you leverage the "F" WYWYN template! WHEN AM I REACHING OUT? MORNING MORNING AFTERNOON AFTERNOON Mon/Tues/Wed Thurs/Fri Mon/Tues/Wed Thurs/Fri BEST TO EMAIL YOU CAN GO AHEAD START DIALING POUR SOME WATER + HIT SEND NOW DURING THESE TIMES. All the better if you can send the email during the "Prime 10" – 10 AND CALL NOW or finish up your research - in particular find some great, positive trigger that will give you a great intro and AND GET READY TO Response rates tend to go up as the week progresses MAKE CONNECTIONS! This is the sweet spot - so be sure your research is done in advance and be ready to do some selling. minutes before and and the clocks after the hour. People tend to check email in between meetings, making this the perfect time for your short email to land in their inbox to increase your chances of being read. ticks by - so do some call and email testing to see what works best for you. wait until the afternoon when your chance for connections is even higher. @mjhottman Your Sales MBA in M.J. Hotman Your SalesMBA" HOFFMAN

Classic Prospecting Dilemma: Call vs. Email

shared by MJHoffman on Sep 27
Cold calling is tough... Improve your success rates by reaching out to your prospects when and how they want to be contacted.


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