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Choosing the Perfect Place to Pop the Question

CHOOSING THE PERFECT PLACE TO POP THE QUESTION you marry me?" It may be a mere four words and 14 letters long, but it is likely to be the most important question you will ever ask, and it's one where youll want the setting to be absolutely perfect when you say the words. If you'ne looking for some inspiration, here are 10 romantic, picturesque places to pop the question "Wll STATS ABOUT PROPOSALS In a survey of 7,000 people across the United Kingdom? The most popular date to propose is 24 December (Christmas Eve), the choice of almost 1IN 3 PEOPLE. 3 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE believe the best date to propose is 14 February (Valentine's Day). 51% OF WOMEN preferred a simple TOUT OF 5 WOMEN would prefer you marry me?" as the means of popping the question, while 53% believe the best form of rejection is a simple “No". "Wil a proposal to come on the date of the anniversary of when the couple first got together. 2 OUT OF 5 women would prefer ONLY 30% of people aged 18-24 would say yes to a proposal, compared to almost 40% of people aged 35-44. to be asked for their hand in marriage via social media. ONLY 20% of women would feel comfortable proposing to their significant other. 17% OF MEN have popped the question on at least 5 occasions. SOURCE: CHTLISAUCE (2014) 10 IDEAL PLACES TO POP THE QUESTION EIFFEL TOWER Where in the world? PARIS, FRANCE WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? Arguably the world's most famous landmark, the views atop this architectural beauty are truly incredible and it's hard to find anywhere more romantic than the top of the most popular sight in the ultimate 'city of love'. Where in the world? VERONA, ITALY JULIET'S HOUSE 7111 WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? Ask anyone to mention a love story and there's a good chance the first one theyill answer with is Romeo and Juliet. It doesn't get much more special than the balcony where Juliet so memorably wondered Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Where in the world? ANTAGARA FALLS ONTARIO, CANADA WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? The sight of water descending artistically from a height and the accompanying sound of the soothing splash combine to create an exotic setting which is most appropriate for asking that life-changing question. Where in the world? SANTORINI, GREECE OLA WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? There are few things that scream romance quite like a picture-perfect sunset, and few places quite like Oia to offer this setting. The ritual of 'greeting the sun' has evolued out of the gorgeous sight of receding orange-red sunlight. VENICE Where in the world? NORTH-EAST ITALY WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? The canals which line the streets of this iconic Italian city are known and loved worldwide. The magnificent backdrop can be beautifully complemented by a placid gondola trip and the heart-warming melody of a Gondoliere. TAJ MAHAL Where in the world? UTTAR PRADESH, ÎNDIA WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? Built by Indian emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, the beauty of the perfectly symmetric, domed exterior is enhanced by its reflection in the adjacent far-stretching waterway – a setting of unspoiled magnificence for getting down on bended knee. Where in the world? -BORACAY PHILIPPINES WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? A secluded island location, glorious sunshine, palm trees, golden sand, luscious blue sea – Boracay has so many of the ingredients which spring to mind when thinking of the archetypal place to pop the question TREVI FOUNTAINS Where in the world? ROME, ITALY WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? In Rome, The Coliseum and Circus Maximus have the history; the Trevi Fountain has the romance. Especially under night-time illumination, this amazing fountain sculpture is a special location for making a lifetime commitment to your partner. Where in the world? HMPIRE STATE BUILDING NEW YORK, USA WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? The views of the Big Apple from the observation deck on the 86th floor of this towering structure are awe-inspiring. You can also add to the mood of romance by making a request to the resident saxophonist! Where in the world? CLARE, IRELAND CLIFFS OF MOHER O WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? Pictures do not do full justice to the natural wonder of this Irish tourist haven. The incredible scenery and the calming sound of wave gently meeting rock make for a place of unmanufactured beauty you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. TIPS FOR CHOOSING A PROPOSAL LOCATION ROMANTIC NATURAL S The setting should tie in with the romantic act to which you have most likely been building up for a long time - the places mentioned above all fit this description. Somewhere grotty and nondescript doesn't. There is something beautiful about a scenic, natural location which a man-made setting just can't capture. Waterfalls, beaches and cliffs, if picturesque, are natural wonders. MEANINGFUL MEMORABLE S Is there somewhere which fits the theme of your relationship like a glove, or which captures why you make such a perfect couple? For example, if you're both into classical music, the Uienna State Opera is hugely meaningful for a proposal location Perhaps you want to begin your engagement at a place that is meaningful to you. How about where you and your partner first met? Of course, that's if it's appropriate for an act as important as proposal. a PRIVATES Unless you're incredibly sure or you love a high-stakes gamble, asking for her hand in marriage at a sold-out 80,000-capacity venue is not a good idea Choose somewhere where you will have total privacy, or behind closed doors with only your family as an audlience. -REFERENCES - cles/the-worlds-best-places-to-get-a-yes Bespoke Diamonds www. BESPOKEDIAMONDS. IE

Choosing the Perfect Place to Pop the Question

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Choosing the Perfect Place to Pop the Question’, suggests 10 ideal locations around the world to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage.


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