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A Cavalcade of Cats

A Cavalcade of Cats! Better Know Your Cat Breeds Most people know about many breeds of dogs, but cats have their own breeds, too! Some have happened naturally, and some are influenced by selective breeding. Each of them is special in its own way, either physically or in its behavior and temperament. Many house cats are "mutts," and they're wonderful, too! Which of these classic breeds most resembles a cat you know? Russian Blue Origin: Russia Behind its emerald eyes and blue-gray coat lurks the ancient soul of a proud hunter. Norwegian Forest cat Origin: Norway Norse legends speak of their skills as mousers and their ability to scale sheer rock faces with their Balinese Origin: United States (founding stock from Thailand) A Balinese makes for an active conversation partner and a tender companion. claws. British Shorthair Burmese Origin: Burma and Thailand They're so muscular that some refer to them as "bricks wrapped in silk." Origin: United Kingdom Korat Origin: Thailand The British Shorthair exhibits all the traits of a dignified Victorian gentleman or lady. Korats were traditionally given to newlyweds in pairs as symbols of good fortune Scottish Fold Origin: Scotland Scottish Folds are known for their flat ears, stubbornness, and love of American Curl Chartreux Origin: France The Chartreux is a blue-coated cat with intelligent copper eyes, lightning-quick reflexes, and a Origin: United States This breed's distinctive curled ears reveal its nature as a playful little devil! the outdoors. famous smile. Turkish Angora Origin: Turkey If brought into a family, they will usu- ally bond tightly with one member as "their person" and seek to help them in all things. Arabian Mau Origin: Arabian Peninsula The Arabian Mau is a sturdy breed that loves to hunt and will closely guard its territory. Egyptian Mau Origin: Egypt When in a merry mood, this breed is known for "dancing" in a way that resembles marking its territory. Birman Origin: Burma Japanese Bobtail Origin: Japan The Japanese have many myths and folktales about this cat and Birmans are thought to have been sacred cats that lived with and shepherded the souls of temple priests in northern Burma. its expressive "singing" voice! Khao Manee Origin: Thailand Donskoy (Don Sphynx) The Khao Manee loves to meet new people and burn excess energy causing mischief! Origin: Russia Exceptionally social and friendly, the Donskoy often needs a companion pet. American Bobtail Origin: United States A big, burly cat with a proud wild heritage, an American Bobtail isn't afraid to tell you what it wants! Maine Coon Origin: United States These "gentle giants" are often described as being more like dogs than cats. Cornish Rex Origin: England "The greyhounds of cats," they love to romp and frolic! Siamese Origin: Thailand The Siamese is a very vocal, social breed that needs a companion to stave off depression. Turkish Van Origin: United Kingdom (founding stock from Turkey) Turkish Vans are piebald, muscular cats that have a Singapura fascination with Siberian Origin: Russia These barrel-chested and Origin: Singapore water. One of the smallest breeds of cat, most Singapuras have a bit of a Napoleon complex! athletic cats sometimes mate for life and love spending time with their families. American Shorthair Origin: United States The Cat Fanciers' Association calls them "a true breed of working cat" that takes pride in keeping a pest-free home. Ragdoll Origin: United States This breed is so affectionate and docile that some breeders worry it could be the result of a harmful Somali Origin: Somalia The Somali is quite beautiful, though some compare their mischievous side to monkeys or foxes. Cyprus genetic mutation and inbreeding. Origin: Cyprus Four thousand years before cats were trendy in Egypt, this breed shared tombs with humans in Cyprus. Bengal Origin: United States (founding stock from Asia) This breed originates from a cross breeding of domestic cats with the Asian leopard cat. Brazilian Shorthair Origin: Brazil This breed is descended from Portuguese cats brought to Brazil to guard food from mice and pests. Abyssinian Origin: Ethiopia Each individual hair on its body is banded with different colors in a "tickled Sokoke Origin: Kenya Australian Mist Sokokes are known for bouncing off the walls in sudden bursts of energy and having an unfortunate vulnerability to New World diseases. Origin: Australia pattern". Definitely a lounge cat, this smooth-talker gets along with all sorts of people and pets. Malayan Origin: United Kingdom (founding stock from Asia) Like its relatives, the Burmese, Malayans are very vocal, and they will tell you when they want something! WO Snowshoe Traditional Persian Origin: United States Origin: Greater Iran This is the classic cat favored The Snowshoe is a deeply devoted breed that easily learns tricks. by Bond villains and kung-fu movie villains. Dragon Li Origin: China Dragon Lis are strong cats rumored to be descended from an ancient self-domesticating breed of wild cat. Cymric (Manx Longhair) Origin: Isle of Man LaPerm They love to swim and jump, and they easily make friends with other Origin: United States The LaPerm is a uniquely curly-haired and hypoallergenic cat. animals. Chausie Thai Sphynx Origin: Thailand Origin: Canada You might expect the Sphynx to be shy or lazy, but they're more extroverted than most dogs! This high-maintenance breed is named in the Tamra Maew, a traditional book of cat poems from Thailand. Origin: France These cats have complicated personalities and require a strict diet. SOURCES O Blue Buffalo BLUE https://www.petfinder.c om/ http://www.

A Cavalcade of Cats

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Cats, like dogs, come in many shapes, sizes, personality types, and breeds! But while everyone can name a dozen breeds of dog off the top of their head, how many people know what the different breeds ...


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