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Cats in Social Media

TCAN HAS CRELZBURGER? Cats in Social Media The Purrfect Animal for the Digital World In honor of National Cat Day 2012, social media marketing company Boot Camp Digital presents an infographic all about the furry little animal that has taken the social media world by storm History of LOLCats IARESERIOUS CAT As early as the 1870s, photographer Harry Pointer created a series of cats in various situations with humorous text. The word "Lolcat" is attested as early as June 2006 when the domain was registered. PLEASE YOU STEP INTO MY OFFICE NOW LOLCats did not become a sensation until early 2007 with the advent of I Can Has Cheezburger on January 11, 2007 Feline Celebrites on YouTube You There are over 1,240,000 videos of cats on YouTube 72 million 65 million 23 million "Funny Cats" - a series of clips of cats doing silly things - has over 72 million views The "Surprised Kitty" video of a cat making an alarmed face has over 65 million views The eHarmony video of a woman crying over how much she loves cats has over 23 million views The video "Very Angry Cat" has 80,078,588 views - more than... Taylor Swift's new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (65 million views) Justin Bieber's hit video "As Long As You Love Me" (73 million views) The first Presidential Debate for 2012 currently has less than 6 million views on YouTube "Very Angry Cat" has been viewed 13 times more than the first Presidential Debate Cats on Twitter and Facebook f G Purrfect the Cat, who first achieved fame as Cee Lo Green's cat on The Voice has Sockington (@sockington), a regular domestic cat from Massachusetts, has been on Twitter since 2007 and now has over 1.5 MILLION Twitter followers and his own website over 63,000 followers on Twitter and her own spinoff site on Her internet fame landed her a deal as the Sockamillion Osockington new spokescat for Meow Mix 20h THIS HALLOWEEN I AM GOING AS SEXY LITTERBOX Expand + Reply 13 Retweet * Favorite S Buffer Cats are BANNED from having profiles on Facebook. Over 1.7 million Waison Hanson Facebookers are fans of the page "Cats" (but they do it anyways!) Instagram cats are classy, using #RCOI (rich cats of instagram) Pinterest, Tumblr, and LOLcats On Pinterest find pinboards called "Cattoos" - pictures of people with tattoos of cats Tumblrs include: Cats Where They Don't Belong, Cats in Clothes, C$shcats, and Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson (from Parks and Recreation) LOLwork LOLwork is a TV show set in the office of - one of the largest humor publishers and the people behind for some of the most hilarious cat memes on the Internet. I Can Haz More Catz Stuffz? LOL CAT The LOLCat Bible Translation Project was set up in July 2007 where editors aim to parody the entire Bible in "LOLspeak". The LOL Cat Bible was published in January 2010. BIBLE ENGLISN I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA will translate any phrase from english to LOLCAT. Trancane cats that look like hitler I LUV SOSHUL MEDIA in in de sistam, imereovin urtreriashun Oler on death row (10th Sep): Anyone in the Ne Yurk arca who can make roam ntharanes for a le ditator, check out this ink, they can't find a home fo Enk Kitler, H curtains for her. Pa an ade, Tve never latest kitler1 best kitlers Cats That Look Like Hitler (also known as Kitlers) features cats that look like Adolf Hitler. The site was them", but what doI imow, I'm jut a dumb lt) FAQ 0I Youl Yes, YOU GO and vist Cat Sheiter Feles o founded in 2006 and now has over 7000 cats. wour sunet wIN POmihe kttata in Sute and Sources: This infographic was created for you by Boot Camp Digital, a professional social media and Internet marketing training company. For more information go to BOOT CAMP

Cats in Social Media

shared by Bootcampdigital on Oct 29
Want to know just how huge cats have become in social media? There are dozens of cat videos on YouTube with millions of views, and one in particular beat out some famous pop stars! "Very Angry Cat" cu...




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