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Caring for Pets in Warm Weather

DON'T LOCK ME IN YOUR CAR, PLEASE! WHY? DOGS AND CATS SWEAT ONLY THROUGH THER PADS AND FEET Their main method of ridding themselves from heat, is by panting, which is a very different from people. Some pets are predisposed to overheating due to breed, illness, age and circumstance. WHO IS MOST AT RISK? • Pets who have survived • Dogs and cats with • Pets confined to cars, carries, cages • Pets new to warmer one episode of heatstroke are at short and wide faces climates (Bulldogs: French, American, English; Pugs, Pekingese, and Persian Cats) increased risk as the area of the brain that • Overweight Pets • Pets with long coats responds to heat is forever changed • Pets with heart or breathing conditions • Elderly Pets • Pets that exercise in • Pets without access to hot weather water or shade IF OUTSIDE IS 70° F AIR ASPHALT IN 30 MINUTES WHEN THE THE ASPHALT AIR TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE HAS BEEN MEASURED WILL BE THIS HOT AT THIS* YOUR CAR WILL BE AT 125°F, 77° F 125° F SKIN DAMAGE OCCURS IN 60 SECONDS AN EGG CAN FRY 86° F 135° F 104° F IN 5 MINUTES AT 131°F 87° F 143° F IT WILL BE AWFULLY HOT! *These temperature correlations represent worst case variables: direct sun, 0 wind, very low humidity and high radian energy. HEATSTROKE IS BAD AS IT CAN LEAD TO WHAT TO DO F YOU SUSPECT YOUR PET IS OVERHEATED? bleeding/ clotting dysfunction brain lung damage damage seizures DEATH bloody diarrhea kidney damage or failure muscle liver damage failure CON TACT METROVET mins KN OW THE SIGNS OF HEATSTROKE Spend no more Do not delay seeking treatment confusion, than 5 minutes anxious or dazed wetting down your pet all over with cool water (use hose, bucket, bath tub). Do not take a "wait and see expression warm to approach'. Contact touch MetroVet at 312-583-1921 to let us know you are on your way. seizures heavy panting elevated rectal temperature diarrhea vomiting brick red gums If driving have collapsing, stumbling, falling down Treatment at increased dogs will stick their tongue out, salivate and may start whining. good airflow MetroVet heart rate air-conditioning on and windows down (as long as not sitting in traffic and will include IV fluids, laying down and plasma, oxygen and checking blood/urine tests to determine if organ reluctant or refusing to get up your pet cannot jump out window). damage has occurred. DURING THE WARMER SEASON S NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN YOUR CAR HAVE READY ACCESS TO COOL, FRESH WATER F YOU DON T HAVE AIR CON DITION IN G DON T BRING YOUR PET F. use fans to increase air circulation. Open, screened windows are helpful, but even in the shade with the Take a bottle of water with your car does not have air conditioning or is poorly ventilated. windows cracked or in a stuffy you when walking your pet. Leave an extra bowl of water in case one gets knocked over. Add ice cubes to water to room. make sure screens are secure and pets cannot push through make 'extra' cool. them. WALKS SHOULD BE AT DAWN AND DUSK EXERCISE EXCESSIVELY DON T ALLOW YOUR PET TO BRUSH YOUR PETS REGULARLY LIMT TME ON ASPHALT (before 8a and after 6p). Limit walks during the middle of the Many dogs will continue to play until they suffer Some cats and dogs also benefit from 'lion cuts', but as temperatures can be very hot. exhaustion. don't cut them too short as this may cause sunburn when outside. day. BEFORE TAKIN G YOUR PET TO WALK Press the back of your hand firmly against the asphalt you plan to walk your pet on for 7 seconds to verify it will be comfortable for your dog. Metropolitan 8 Veterinary Center It is not only the very high temperature in a hot car or confined area that is the killer. When pets are confined to small spaces that lack good ventilation, they lose the ability to 'blow off heat' through panting due to increasing humidity from previous panting. If you see a dog confined to a car on a warm day, call 911.

Caring for Pets in Warm Weather

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this is an unused infographic design alternatives by the Chicago Veterinary Hospital. Showing how to care for your pets, in warmer wheater.


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