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Canada's Commercial Seal Slaughter: A Dying Industry

MILLIONS WASTED * to support a * DYING INDUSTRY Canada's commercial seal slaughter is the largest marine-mammal massacre in the world. Despite worldwide disapproval and phummeting prices in seal pelts, the Canadian government continues to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to prop it up. A PRODUCT N0 ONE WANTS RUSSIA Prior to the ban, Russia was importing 95% of all Canadian seal pelts. BELARUS UNITED STATES EUROPEAN UNION KAZAKHSTAN MEXICO As a result, the price of seal pelts HAS FALLEN SIGNIFICANTLY OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS: $70 S60 $62 IT'S ESTIMATED that $50 400,000 S40 $30 SEAL PELTS are in storage S30 $21 $23 S20 $15 S10 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 NOT ECONOMICALLY PROFITABLE Income from the seal slaughter accounts for LESS THAN 1% OF THE ECONOMY OF NEWFOUNDLAND, where the slaughter takes place. * MONEY WASTED Lavish trips taken to China to produce seal-fur fashion shows Lobbying efforts to fight the bans on seal products in the European Union and the U.S. Monitoring activists' online activity to protect the Canadian Coast Guard monitoring of the slaughter to prevent activist interference government's reputation STRAINING THE GOVERNMENT BUDGET By the end of March 2013, Canada's federal debt is expected to hit C$602.4 billion. Meanwhile, the Canadian government plans to spend an estimated C$10 million to challenge the European Union's ban on seal products. $: The provincial government of Newfoundland just gave a C$3.6 million loan to help prop up the seal slaughter. A professor at the University of Guelph, John Livernois, found that ending the slaughter would save Canada more than $7 million annually. PUTTING POLITICS AHEAD OF PEOPLE The people have spoken: 1 79% OF CANADIANS DO NOT WANT THEIR GOVERNMENT TO SPEND PUBLIC MONEY TO LOBBY FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS ON BEHALF OF THE SEALING INDUSTRY. Support Proposed Bill S-210 Take action by contacting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Bob Rae, and New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair and urge them to support Sen. Mac Harb's bill to end Canada's commercial seal slaughter and help Canadians in sealing regions make the transition into sustainable economic programs. VISIT PETA.ORG/SAVESEALS TO GET STARTED. PETA

Canada's Commercial Seal Slaughter: A Dying Industry

shared by PETA on Nov 01
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