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The Buzz of the Mosquito

THE BUZZ OF THE MOSQUITO Vital Facts About The World's Deadliest Pest Mosquitoes are an emerging threat. No matter how advanced we are in science and technology, no matter how close we get to Mars, the Sun or any other planet, we just cannot do away these blood-sucking bugs. Did You Know? The word Mosquito means "little fly" in Spanish. Mosquitoes are the main reason for malaria, which kills more than 600,000 people every year. What Types of Conditions ATTRACT MOSQUITOES? Mosquitoes come out in July and continue creating a nuisance throughout September. Often found in wooded areas, near lakes, rivers, streams, or any source of standing water. Ponds, pools, puddles, leaking hose connectors, and even birdbaths attract mosquitoes. How Many Days DOES A MOSQUITO LIVE? FEMALE MOSQUITOES live for a month or two, while males survive for as little as ten days. Mosquitoes begin in an egg stage and hatch into larvae. After this, they molt and eventually turn into full-fledged adults. By the time adult mosquitoes die off, a new set hatches and become adults. What Type of Water Does a MOSQUITO NEED TO BREED? They need warm temperatures to thrive while their eggs need still, stagnant water to hatch. Empty pots and containers, garbage cans, and in clogged gutters are the ideal environments for breeding. Microorganisms collect in this type of water, which mosquitoes feed on as they become adults. How Do Mosquitoes Survive THE WINTER IN UTAH? While ey do thrive in warm weather, some mosquitoes in Utah can survive through the winter months. There are more than 50 species throughout the area and their ability to hibernate depends on the type. Some die at the end of the season, while others burrow underground when the weather gets colder. One of the most common ways for them to survive is through their eggs. How Much Time Can a MOSQUITO SURVIVE WITHOUT FOOD? In the dormant stage during cold weather, a female mosquito can survive for about six months without eating or drinking. Once the weather warms up, she requires a meal more regularly. Without a food source, she is likely to die within four days. Why Do Only Female Mosquitoes Bite? As the one who carries and gives birth to eggs, she requires the more complex nutrients found in the blood. Why Are Mosquitoes So Harmful? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that two of the most common and potentially dangerous illnesses caused by mosquito bites are: West Nile Virus - Symptoms include: • Headaches, fever, body aches, and intestinal issues. • While some people experience no ill effects, others can take weeks or even months to recover. • In severe cases, it can result in inflammation of the spinal cord or brain. Zika Virus - Symptoms include: • Fever, rashes, and joint pain, which can impact victims for weeks after. • Once a person has Zika, they can spread it to others. • The virus can result in birth defects in unborn children, putting expectant mothers at increased risk. Other Diseases That Are Known To Be Spread Through Mosquito Bites Include YELLOW FEVER AND MALARIA. Can MOSQUITOES HARM PETS? Mosquitoes can cause heartworm in dogs and cats, a deadly illness that often goes undetected. Takes as long as six months or more to heal. They infect horses with Equine Encephalitis (EE), a potentially deadly condition involving the nervous system. This disease can also be passed on to the owner. What Should I Do FOR A MOSQUITO BITE? We recommend washing mosquito bites with warm, soapy water. Use anti-itch medications or topical ointments Avoid scratching or picking at them. Be alert for signs, such as redness, fever, or pain. Inform your doctor immediately if you experience any of the above symptoms. How Can I Prevent MOSQUITOES AND THEIR BITES? Indoor Tips Keep an eye out for standing water around your home or yard. Clean up quickly after storms and rainy seasons. Clean gutters out frequently, repair leaky faucets and pipes, and fill in any ditches. Make sure windows and doorways are well sealed to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside; use screens in warmer weather. Outdoor Tips Use a bug repellant. Be cautious in wooded areas and near streams. If sitting outside at night, consider lighting candles or building a fire. If hiking, wear long sleeves and pants. Make sure your pets are getting enough preventative measures from mosquito bites. CONTACT OUR UTAH PEST CONTROL PROFESSIONALS FOR HELP Be aware that mosquitoes are persistent and it is almost impossible to completely eradicate the conditions that attract them to your yard and home. If you notice mosquitoes getting into your home, just call in our pest professionals today. 435-753-3825

The Buzz of the Mosquito

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Mosquitoes are an emerging threat. No matter how advanced we are in science and technology no matter how close we get to Mars, the Sun or any other planet, we just cannot do away these blood-sucking b...




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