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Botulism in Horses

BOTULISM AN INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY theHORSE This potentially fatal neurologic disease is caused by toxins that the anaerobic, soil- dwelling Clostridium botulinum bacterium produces. There are 3 types: Type B (most common) primarily in Kentucky and the mid-Atlantic states, usually found in forage Type A primarily in the Western United States, usually found in forage Type C commonly in Florida, but found anywhere there's carrion HORSES ARE EXPOSED BY Eating contaminated forage or feed. Ingesting spores from the soil as 1-3- month-old foals (known as shaker foal syndrome in these animals.) Spores Rarely, wound contamination. After exposure, the toxin Neuron enters the bloodstream and binds to neurons, preventing nerve impulses from reaching muscle cells. Toxins THIS CAUSES O Drooling, inability to swallow, anorexia O Pacing O Weakness or exercise intolerance O Muscle tremors O Depression O Reduced tongue, eyelid, and tail strength O Lying down frequently, O Recumbency (inability to rise) O Lack of intestinal contractions and constipation Veterinarians diagnose Botulism is usually botulism based on clinical fatal if untreated. Affected horses signs and ruling out other neurologic diseases. typically require hospitalization and antitoxin RABIES administration. WEST NILE V S WOBBLER NDROME Horses that remain НҮРР standing and can swallow EPM 7-10 DAYS EHV-1 after antitoxin administration typically recover in a month. They can also test feed, manure 90% or more of and blood. treated foals survive. PREVENTION O Vaccinate; the vaccine against type B is nearly 100% effective O Feed high-quality feeds and forages from reputable sources O Remove animal carcasses from horses' environments O Avoid feeding hay on the ground SPONSORED BY: theHORSE PLASVACC O FOR LIFE 80

Botulism in Horses

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The toxins that cause this potentially fatal neurologic disease could be lurking in your horse's environment or hay. Learn how to recognize and prevent botulism with this visual guide, brought to you ...





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