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Birds of Australia

BIRDS OF AUSTRALIA "Total known species: 1.1% Extinct 7.3% Globally Threatened 696 3.4% Near Thretened 3.9% Critically Endangered 88.1% safe 43.1% 52.2% Endangered Vulnerable There are 314 IBAS in Australia (Important Bird Areas) POPULAR AUSTRALIAN BIRDS AND THE STATE THEY REPRESENT Bird of Australian Capital Territory Bird of South Bird of New South Wales Australia Gang Gang Cockatoo Australian The Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae Halcyonidae Magpie Gymnorhina tibicen Callocephalon fimbriatum Cacatuidae Cracticidae Only the male has red A common songbird in Australia Its name came from the noise crown around its head. and it is often used in sporting it makes, which sounds like clubs' emblem cacophonous cackles. THE BIG BIRDA Bird of Western Australia Bird of Queensland Emu Black Swan Dromaius novaehollandiae Casuariidae Brolga Cygnus atratus Anatidae The Emu is Australian tallest Malurus splendens native birds. Its full height Maluridae An Australian waterbird, reaches 1.9 metres tall. Did you know that the similar to its white feathered Brolgas have intricate mating swan cousin. dances? Australia's National Bird Endangered Bird of Northern Bird of Tasmania Bird of Victoria Territory Wedge-Tailed Eagle Yellow Wattlebird Helmeted Anthochaera paradoxa Meliphagidae Honeyeater Aquila audax Accipitridae Lichenostomus melanops The largest honeyeaters in cassidix This bird is Australia's Australia! This species is endangered largest birds of prey! 1. BirdLife International (2012) Country profile: Australia. Available from: Checked: 2012-08-24 2. Bird Australia (RAOU) Conservation Statement No. 15, October 2009 Produced by PTICS CENTRAL Australia's Favourite Destination for birdwatching binoculars www.OPTICSCENTRAL.COM.AU

Birds of Australia

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An overview of bird species found in Australia and the endangered count. Birds that represent the each state. Produced by - Australia's favourite destination for Bird w...


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