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Benefits of Pet Wipes

PETS wipes, We all love our pets. But let's face it, they can all be little mucky rascals! 39% 46% of households own of households own CATS DOGS and 15 % own another pet or no pet The average annualvet billinthe USA for petowners works outat$505.00 1027 i$ 505.00 S The vet Five hundred and five Dollars DOLLARS and £300 inthe UK :2222222 : 000 11: 555 102? Byusing specially designed pet-wipes as partofthe routine care foryour pet, you can helpto maintain ahealthy, happy furry-friendand even avoid some unneccessarytrips to the vet. pet wipes REASONS TO USE PET WIPES. NATURAL GOODNESS PH NEUTRAL PROTECTION & FURRY-FRIENDLY FOR YOUR PET Many pet-wipes also contain natural ingredients such as Aloe-Vera to supplement and condition your pet's fur and skin. Most pet-wipes are pH adjusted. This means that they should not irritate pets' sensitive skin, and should also be free of additives often found in non-pet wipes which can be harmful to your furry friends. Look for pet-wipes which offer long-lasting protection against everyday and pet- specific bacteria and viruses such as Canine Distemper, Kennel Cough and Parvo Virus, to help keep your pet fit and healthy. THEY RE ALSO GREAT FOR DOGS, CATS AND OTHER CRITTERS WITH A DISTINCT AVERSTION TO WATER! Short-nosed breeds of WIPES FOR DOGS & CATS dogs, including the Maltese, Pekingese, Pug and Shih Tzu, are especially prone to eye infections because hair around the folds of skin near their eyes can act as an irritant. Cocker Spaniels and Poodles are also prone to blocked tear ducts. FUR EYES EARS A varierty of pet wipes are available which Eye wipes for pets are perfect for Keeping your pets ears healthy is important - otherwise they won't hear the treats tub rat- dealing with great for getting rid of: BAD SMELLS DIRT AND MUD TEAR STAINS&DIRTACCUMULATED FROM AROUND THE EYEAREA tling! Use pet wipes on ears to and can help to prevent any potential eye infections which can cause long-term problems for your dog or cat. Helping to combat: FLEAS & TICKS SKINALLERGIES And are especially CLEAN UP DIRT AROUND SENSITIVEAREAS, FREE UP EARWAX, PROTECT AGAINST INFECTIONAND PREVENTODOURS ideal for: WHEN YOU'REOUT& ABOUT ELDERLY DOGS &CATS CLEANING YOUR YOUNG PUP DOGSWHO HATE BATHS DID YOU KNOW? 13.5" 12.3 DID YOU KNOW? The longest ears on a dog measure over 12 inches each and belong to Harbor, a Black and Tan Coonhound of 60 Colorado, USA. The world's biggest dog, Zeus. is a massive 44 inches tall and would TEETH struggle to fit in a standard bath tub!. Looking afteryour pet's teeth is essential as part of their care. 80% OF DOGS OVER THE AGE OF 3 SUFFER FROM PERIODONTAL DISEASE GENERAL CARE Grooming your small pet cạn mean everything from brushing its fur, to giving it a bath. FOR SMALLER FURRIES Dental wipes for dogs and cats are a great way for daily cleaning and tooth- brush-free! There are even wipes to help battle fleas and tics on animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats! Every winter, hundreds of pets become seriously ill and in some cases die due to ingesting rock salt and antifreeze picked up on their paws. Using wipes on your pet's paws after they have been out and about during cold snaps to minimize the risk of possible illness. PAWS Wipes designed for paws provide an easy way to clear your pets paws everyday an stop the spread of dirt, odor and germs throughout your home and car. CAGES & PENS It is easy to understand how your small pet's health is tied to the cleanliness of their cage. But what many people do not consider is how they clean their pet's environment and what potential toxins may be introduced to it, despite the best of intentions. Paw Wipes are often STRONGER AND MORE ABSORBENT THAN ORDINARY WIPES AND MANY CONTAIN EXTRA CLEANSERS that remove even the toughest dirt and odors, plus conditioners to soothe rough, dry or cracked paws. A quick clean with a disinfectant wipe however, and you can say goodbye to those nasty foxins! DID YOU KNOW? The world record for the cat with most toes belongs to Jake the ginger tabby from Ontario, Canada, who has 28 toes in total, that's 7 on each paw! 7x6 =28 Sources Pet Ownership Stats statistics.html we wipes .com Health & Hyglene Infomation salt-scattered-gritters-big-freeze.html Vet Bills Infomation costs/51487992/1 World Record Information PetWipe Information Compiled from products listed on leading pet care retailers

Benefits of Pet Wipes

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How using specifically formulated wet wipes for animals can dramatically reduce vet bills


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