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Bed Bug VS Flea Bites

BED BUG BITES ACCURATE PEST CONTROL VS FLEA BITES Bed bugs and Fleas have a common peculiarity- they both are small blood-sucking pests who usually intrude on your home and business without invitation. These pests possess certain features that distinguish them from each other. Do you notice a group of spots on your skin or see your beloved pet scratching itself excessively? Accurate Pest Control will take a close look and identify which among them is flea and bed bug bites and propose a set of solutions. Difference Between Bed Bug and Flea bite/appearance Fleas • Flea bites are frequently found on the lower half of your body or in humid areas like the bends of elbows and knees • Fleas feed on both animals and humans • Fleas can fly but can jump up to 18 cms to latch on a host Bed Bug • Their bites appear to be red dots usually in clusters • Bed bug bites are spotted on the upper half of your body, around the face, neck, and arms • Fleas are narrow when looked from the sides and are roughly % inch • Bed bugs choose to feed on humans • Bed Bugs appear to be flat, wideand are roughly 3/16 inch long • Their bites may appear in a cluster or a line and could get worse if you scratch • They bite when you are asleep as they're attracted to your body temperature • Although 40 pathogens have been found in bed bugs, they don't transmit any illnesses Few things you can do if you get bitten by Bed Bugs & Fleas Monitor your bites for signs of infection or allergic reaction. Use a topical anti-itch cream to relieve inflammation and irritation. Call your doctor if your symptoms continue or get worse after a few weeks. Seek professional help to eliminate infestation Accurate Pest Control understands that it is uncomforting to see bugs and fleas bites ruining your family's happiness. To curb this concern, our experts will provide appropriate treatment to eliminate these pests. Call us on- 210-495-0499 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help! You Tube Lfs6bO832yQ

Bed Bug VS Flea Bites

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