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Are You Making Your Dog Fat?

What impact do table have on scraps your dog's weight S. A sneaky slice of buttered toast An inch of stolen Artemis lamb roll - contains 88 calories - which means a 2.52 mile walk - or 26.61 lengths of the Titanic's top deck - contains 150 calories - which means a 4.26 mile walk - or 137 Olympic sized swimming pools A misappropriated mouthful of t-bone beef A snatched serving of sausage contains 116 calories - which means a 3.3 mile walk - or 16.5 trips around an American football field - contains 243 calories which means a 6.9 mile walk or 42 lengths of London Bridge A hijacked ham and cheese sandwich I A packet of 16 oreos cookies - contains 354 calories - which means a 10.1 mile walk - or 198 laps of a basketball court - contains 853 calories - which means a 24.23 mile walk - or One walk through the underwater section of the Channel Tunnel All statistics are based on the A pinched pork chop assumption that a 44 pound dog (20kg) burns 35.2 calories by - contains 505 calories - which means a 13.34 mile walk - or 159 lengths of Noah's ark (which was 135 walking a mile at a pace of 3.7MPH. meters long according to Genesis) Chemist Direct

Are You Making Your Dog Fat?

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What impact do table scraps have on your dog's weight? Find out in this infographic, made especially for healthy pet lovers.




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